I Haven’t Shot Spares In MONTHS!

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I haven't shot any spares in months since league ended! Today we are working on them ahead of the league season!

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20 Comments on “I Haven’t Shot Spares In MONTHS!”

  1. If I have the time I will spend 1 game aiming at the 10 pin. Second ball for 7 pin or what ever is left.

  2. my pink spare ball is like magnetically attracted to the 10 pin no matter where i aim it. I had to switch back to my ice which i know hooks just a tiny bit at the end for most spares and I just use that ball for 10 pins only

  3. Man I need to work on my 10 pin spares! Those single pin spares will definitely make or break your game, great video as always Luis!

    1. get a belmo or a spare the girls spare ball they are 10 pin homing missiles I swear. Even to a fault.

    2. @cyan0xide lol I’m heading to practice now, I’ll have to try that.. I have a 14lbs spare ball but maybe I should try throwing something lighter.

  4. Looks to me that you release the ball like you would your strike release. I have the global yellow spare ball and trying to decide if I release like you looked to be doing or flattening my hand at release which to me causes some mistakes. Your thoughts

  5. can tell lui hasn’t shot many spares lately when the 6 10 looks like the 3 6 for him 🤣
    but yeah Spare shooting is truly what matters I usually try to practice them for a full game even tho I only train 4-6 games a week

  6. I practice corners every time I bowl ( which only means I don’t suck as much as I would otherwise ). 👍👊✌🖖

  7. I tell my son all the time that spares are one of the most important parts of the game. that you are more than likely going to leave a spare than strike and for every spare you miss that is 10-20 points off your score.

  8. Spares is the Most important part of Bowling. I see PBA bowlers miss so many Spares, I can’t believe they are called Professional Bowlers.

    Walter Ray Williams told me if you do not practice at least once a week shooting all the spares, you bowling scores will be inconsistent. Paul

  9. Would you use the Pitch Black for spares? That is what I use. Figure it would be more versatile to have than a plastic ball.

  10. As a person with no carry, any league day or even open bowling session is pratice for my spares. Except for my 264 i just shot the other day

  11. Why do you recommend finishing practice with spare shooting? I usually work on whatever it is I am for that session and then bowl a normal game to see if I Improved.

  12. “Nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.” –Motivation

  13. Practicing spares is the best way to improve your average. But, being more accurate with your 1st shots will help immensely by allowing you to shoot easier spares like 10’s, 7’s, and 4 pins.

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