I Got A Second Motiv Desert Tank! My FAVORITE Bowling Ball Of All Time!!

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The Motiv Desert Tank is my favorite bowling ball of all time! Its a ball that allows me to play my favorite part of the lane! Its also a ball that when it matches up I literally have no better ball reaction with anything else!


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8 Comments on “I Got A Second Motiv Desert Tank! My FAVORITE Bowling Ball Of All Time!!”

  1. Got one.
    Been looking for this reaction for ages.
    Two sets in: 660 and 714
    I’ll be ordering another one while I still can.
    65 X 4 X 25

  2. I’ve been throwing the nemesis this year in league on house shot and it’s been a great ball!! I’ve been looking for something motiv that’s a little weaker for late in 2nd game to 3rd game for when lanes dry out… would you recommend this ball for house shots/ league play? I’ve been watching all your videos and this ball has full attention!!

  3. It’s my favorite ball also, thrown a 290 with it and also tied my high series of 750 with it as well. I take it everywhere regardless of pattern

  4. I have one. I have it drilled 45x4x60. I like it. Don’t get to roll it a lot because of the other favorites.

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