I Drilled Two Of My All Time Favorite Discontinued Bowling Balls!

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I had the opportunity to drill two of my all time favorite bowling balls! I just wanted to share that with you all!

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13 Comments on “I Drilled Two Of My All Time Favorite Discontinued Bowling Balls!”

  1. Just so you know, every time I watch your videos I have to subscribe for some reason I get unsubscribe maybe that’s the reason most of your subscribers are not subscribed anymore and your account is low if that makes sense every time I have to subscribe in this case subscribe just so you know.

  2. I never seen these balls before at least my knowledge that’s what I asked you in the other videos. You always seem like you always getting the new balls. I’m not against you doing that but my point is does newer always mean it’s better well you proved me but you can go back to older stuff. If you’re to continue these videos, can you please bring back the proton physix, infinite physix, supernova, night Road, phase v

  3. Luis, clearly your form is coming back, congrats!! What happened to last week’s league night video? Its not on the page!

  4. That house shot is the best. They don’t change anything. Same line for the last 2 years of your videos!

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