I Drilled The MOST EXPENSIVE Bowling Ball! πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

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The Storm !Q Tour Pearl aka there Goldie Ball is one of the most sought after bowling balls in the world and because of that its also the most expensive! I drilled it so you don't have to!

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43 Comments on “I Drilled The MOST EXPENSIVE Bowling Ball! πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°”

  1. You should compare this to the Emerald in this format! I haven’t seen anyone do a great video on that comparison since the gold one is so expensive.

  2. I had one the year it came out. Yes it was a legend. Smooth & predictable. If I still had it today it would likely be in my tournament bag. Mine unfortunately got visited by the Kracken.

  3. Got me curious so I started looking up prices for the Roto Grip Cell, and I can’t find it for sale anywhere. Definitely my favorite bowling ball of all time. It’s the reason I landed with the Idol Cosmos and Night Road for my league bowling ball arsenal this year. Roto Grip/Storm will always be in my bag.

  4. Welcome to Team Baldy…I thought my egg head was big…but you beat me!!!!
    That ball is definitely made for me, but I’ll be damned if I’m paying 700 bones for it.
    Hopefully Storm does the right thing, and maybe come up with a anniversary edition.

  5. I had an IQ Tour Pearl in 2013-14. I got it from a friend who was dropping weight. I loved how it complimented my Ebonite Mission, which the two combined had my first sanctioned run at 300, but fell short at 295. I then had its descendant the IQ Emerald, which had shared a 300 and 800 with the IQ Tour Solid.

  6. I threw it at a demo. It’s a really good ball. If it goes for that kind of money I don’t know why Storm just doesn’t make em? They sell Hyroad, Hyroad Pear, and IQ Tour Solid for over a decade. There’s special editions that are essentially this ball. The Tour Emerald is essentially this ball…

  7. Wow.. There’s one on eBay right now for $150, but it’s a used 13lb. I had no idea. Definitely a great looking ball.

    1. @Luis Napoles upon taking a closer look it’s twice drilled also, pretty ugly one. I’m digging the new haircut by the way!

  8. Hey Luis! You should try to get the Pink IQ ball as well! Overseas ball though but I’ve been using it since i started bowling and its super amazing 🀟🏼

    Kinda wanna see how you roll that amazing ball!

  9. Absolutely LOVE that ball. Still have it in my primary bag. It is my go to, if I am having issues. It’s like an old pair of shoes, I know how it is going to work, and more often than not, I will throw a strike with it coming out of the bag.

  10. I have the IQ emerald and I love that ball!!!! Its definitely my go too ball when all else fails!!! I have the UC3,Zen,Zen master, Hustle USA,rstx2,hustle wine, and IQ Emerald. Out of all those balls my IQ emerald is my favorite!! The smoothest ball that I have thrown and the most comfortable ball that I’ve thrown! Definitely need to make the IQ Emerald and the IQ gold comparison video. You said you had a IQ emerald so go ahead and punch that bad boy lol.

  11. I still bowl “old Gold” I picked it up new back in the day and it’s never leaving my bag. It just has the “it” factor that’s kept it in so long!

  12. I have one, bought it 2013 and still use it later in the game, it really digs in to the pins like a bulldozer, fantastic, love that ball.

  13. Fun video. Thanks. Really glad I don’t have to go out and spend $700 for a gold ball. I have a Roto Grip Hustle AU that my wife gave me for our 50th wedding anniversary. I think it cost about $160 and works pretty well as a first ball out of the bag.

  14. My favorite ball! At one time I had two of them. With an average in the low 170s, the night I started with it I bowled a 275. A couple of weeks later I hit 289 and my first 700 series. Then came a 279. I came in second all events in the COMIC bowling tournament 2013. Please, please come out with a re-release of this ball!!!

  15. I just redrilled one I had collecting dust and threw 264! I am definitely keeping it in the bag. It’s one of the only balls where I can confidently get to the line and crank it across the lane and know it’s coming back with vengeance.

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