I Drilled My Favorite Bowling Ball EVER!

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The Storm Marvel S is one of my favorite bowling balls I have EVER thrown and the only one I have ever shot multiple 300's with! So glad I got my hands on a NIB one!

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43 Comments on “I Drilled My Favorite Bowling Ball EVER!”

  1. I loved my Marvel S! Delivered a pile of honor scores for me (multiple 800 series). Someone gave me a used one last year and not the same magic but still solid.

    1. A friend of mine texted me today and told me that the Marvel S was a Phaze 2 before then Phaze 2 was a Phaze 2 LOL

  2. I do drill balls pin down. I often struggle with early hook and not enough downlane motion. Pin down layouts help me get the ball down the lane and actually store energy, instead of burning up.

  3. I’ve never had a ball drilled pin down but I just had my Pro Shop Rep get my PAP for my Hustle USA I just drilled on your recommendation. First words when he saw they way I throw was wow your ball rolls very early, so maybe Pin Down is something that will help me puch it down lane more. Something to consider.

  4. I’ve always drilled my equipment pin up. I never really dove deep into my reasoning for it. (I probably should 😂) All I know is the 2 balls I had drilled pin down years ago never worked for me. I always had to work extra hard for them to constantly Strike.

    Also I do love that NRG coverstock. I have a Hyroad NANO from years ago I will bring to tournaments still. My first 299 and 300 was with it.

  5. Thanks for the steady stream of content Luis! Would love to see pictures of the core and specs of the ball as you go over them.

  6. I just had my best game this last summer league (241) with a Zen Soul drilled pin down. I’m just now getting back into bowling after a 10 year break.

  7. Pin down layouts reduce flare and are great when straighter angles are needed. I typically use this layout with high differential cores, but if you track close to the fingers or thumb you should probably avoid this layout. Marvel S is one of my all time favorites, the Axiom Solid seemed pretty close in terms of shape.

  8. I agree that the Marvel S is one of my all-time faves and is tied for favorite scent(the spearmint on this one and the pear on the Virtual Energy). I think I may have an honor score with the Marvel S as well

  9. I personally love the Marvel S, super strong and heavy rolling ball. My personal favorite symmetrical bowling ball that I HAVE drilled pin down is the Helios. That thing POUNDS the pocket pin down and is one of the most rounded shapes ive ever thrown in my arsenal. LOVE symmetrical balls!

  10. You need to throw this ball between now and the regional, so you know how it responds to speed, hand position, and lane changes/moves.

    1. Jim…. I love mine. I think it’s drilled 45×4.5x 45. That should give you pin above bridge, CG a little right of center and Mass bias just right of the thumb hole. Kind of a stacked drill. I rip up THS and lower volume PBA. Keep it at 4k for league, take it to 2000 for regional PBA50. Luis. Cedric says Hi

  11. I’ve had a marvel solid and a marvel pearl, the R2s one, not the R2x remake, both balls have been in my bag for a couple of years, I loved the pearl the most, it took a long time before I had found a good replacement for that ball. Marvel series where great!

  12. awesome vid. only two balls l have had multiple 300s and 800s with are the OG Rotogrip Wrecker drilled label leverage and the Brunswick LT48 Vintage rerelease. I never owned the marvel S because l never really matched up with Storm, only 2 that l did was the Virtual Energy and Tropical Breeze. for burnt out conditions…

    1. @Luis Napoles it was a great ball. I bought prerelease when I saw the cover and core. You could throw any condition it was so controllable and predictable. And it hit like a rotogrip. Unfortunately. 2 yrs ago I was on a 10 strike game. Tossed the 11 and ball sounded funny when it hit. Came back cover was cracked all the way around. They need to rerelease that ball as it was og made

  13. Absolutely love the content! You do a GREAT job of self analysis. On the fresh house shot, you were playing so far to the left! My God! And I think that’s part of the problem with all these high performance balls. They just suck up the oil and destroy the pattern. 2 weeks ago in league, I had to put away my Hy-Road Pearl after 8 frames in game 1 (8 to a pair). Started over hooking and once I started chasing it in, I started leaving half pocket hits. Went from what should have been at minimum a 230 game to a 208. Fill ball in the 10th, I took out my Columbia Freeze and finished off the night using a ball that was drilled 10 yrs ago. Got super pissed at the owner and said maybe put a heavier volume out there cause you keep drilling Gems, and other high end balls that just suck up the oil in no time. He chirped back and then I said, order me a Brunswick Twist and out of the box the following week, I go 235, 248, 223. I like to play down and in and let the lane do the work for me. In my twenties I avg’d 220+. I’m 42 now and more around 210. I stand at 15 and play 8. Would love to hear your thoughts on all the high end stuff destroying the oil. Thanks!

    1. I don’t really think they are destroying the pattern. I think bowling is a game of adjustments. I do think that the higher end stuff is just way to strong for house shots of today

  14. I find it interesting that you also like the Phaze 2 so much. The Marvel S I was still using until about a year ago, what I loved was that it hooked gradually until it reached the end of the pattern, but still had gas to finish strongly. I feel I could still be using it. The only other ball that I loved from back then was my Storm VG Nano, both balls I still have. I’m wondering how you were able to get a brand new Marvel S? I’m not real knowledgeable about layouts, but I am told my Marvel S is actually pin down, with the pin pretty close to even with the finger holes, kicked over about an inch to the right. I currently am using a Brunswick Quantum EVO solid, which to me has a similar look to the Marvel S, but a little more subdued. I have to share: Thursday evening I went 267, 289, 257 – 813 with the EVO. This is my second 800. I am 65 years old. Have you done any videos about any of the EVO’s? I’m getting a slightly used EVO hybrid, next week.

  15. Yes yes yes Lou great video. The closes you can get to that ball these days is a Super Sonic with 1500-2000 grit finish. I have 2 Marvel S and 2 Super Soniqs.

  16. i had 2 of those,, loved that ball and its spearmint scent 🙂 aved almost 220 with it in 2018 one of the most consistent balls i ever threw

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