I Drilled An EXCLUSIVE Bowling Ball | Are They Worth The Price Tag?!

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We had the opportunity to drill the overseas exclusive Idol Mega Pink! ''

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18 Comments on “I Drilled An EXCLUSIVE Bowling Ball | Are They Worth The Price Tag?!”

  1. Was reaction on the Pink similar to the Idol Pro? I recall that ball had a ETrax cover.

    As far as your second question. I got a bunch of international balls but mostly urethanes. Most I’ve waited for a special price before i got them.
    I’ve bought: IQ Red Urethane, IQ Tour/U, Wild Streak Tour U, Hustle Chili & Honey Badger Extreme Blow (still didn’t drill this one).

  2. Hello Luis … great video … As to my experience with overseas balls ….. LONG BEFORE ( September 2022 in fact, versus September 2023 for the MAGIC GEM stateside) , I went to the Bowlers Asylum ( Another place to buy overseas balls … check it out ) and bought the GEM HYBRID …. Same core (Defiant) coverstock is called “Response Hybrid” instead of Micro Trax Hybrid coverstock in the Magic Gem. As to the coverstock finish ….. you guessed it ( and nailed it) 1500 grit finished …… Seems like the overseas market gets things first …. two examples come to mind …. Right now overseas you can get the DNA COIL ( pearl version of the DNA ) and the SUMMIT PEARL is also available overseas now as I write this …. but, I will wait until January for the stateside version ……

  3. That’s interesting. A polished ball that does want to go right…lol I think taking the polish off will help. I had a Widow 2.0 hybrid drilled this weekend. It is the same surface 1500 polish and it plays completely different than that. I am taking the polish off that as well for where I want it in the bag. Great video. Be a good ball for a giveaway.

  4. I have one overseas ball. It’s a magenta hammer. All the same specs as the purple hammer. Same core, RG and diff. From what I see it’s all the same, just the color.

  5. Nice one Luis! I do not have any overseas balls. You should knock the polish off this one if you are thinking of throwing this in league.

  6. I’ve got a hustle pink and I love it for a control piece. I did a low flare layout and it’s almost like urethane. I put 3k on it and it’s amazing as a control piece

  7. Currently I use the overseas Storm Phaze Ex . It has the same core as the domestic ones. It has the NRG pearl coverstock which is stronger than R2S . Makes a good 1-2 punch with my Phaze 4

  8. I have an Extreme Reality…which just a Pearl Reality at 1500 polished….in other words…it’s an Altered Reality….but legal in all play…

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