I Drilled A Bowling Ball From The Year I Started Bowling! My Bowling Story & How I Got Started!

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Todays video is all about my bowling story and how I got into bowling! Also some tips on how to start your journey or if you're just getting started! Its all about growing bowling for me and giving back!

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26 Comments on “I Drilled A Bowling Ball From The Year I Started Bowling! My Bowling Story & How I Got Started!”

  1. Really like the look of that ball for you. It gives you another option in your bag. Great video, Luis.

  2. I never had your particular ball, but I did own a Spitfire, it was a pearl; it was skid/flip; and it’s motion was a little bit smoother than a Hyroad pearl.

  3. Bowled as a kid with my cousins hand downs, he was on UF team long ago. On bases etc as dad was navy. Pleasure bowling thru college off and on, then work…. started back, when the first nano ball hit storm made was first one I bought. Now 3 lockers and 3 4 ball rollers… just need one more though 😆 that tech has grown this much in my lifetime is just insane. Used to have to just rip cover off to see 15 boards of hook, where now that’s weak and straight up back 😆 🤣

    1. @Luis Napoles yeah my first non house ball was a track10 dark blue. Still had it until last year left on the alley in tournament mistakenly and someone jacked it. Really crazy between that and anything out now.

  4. I’ve been bowling for almost 4 years now since my 12th birthday and up until 2 years ago I had only been bowling on house shots.the first time I got to bowl on a sport shot was a huge wake up call and really forced me to just get better, over time you are going to advance and learn more about your game and the entire game in general. Keep at it

  5. I’ve been bowling for a least a yr my girlfriend/fiance git me into bowling my first ball was a rhino which I still use

  6. I really needed to watch this video I have been in a bowling slump getting my self down since I cant hook a ball to save my life thus video came out at the right time 😅

  7. I thought that I was decent until we bowled at the USBC Nationals this weekend. It was like a reverse house shot. Super wet on the ends and dry in the middle. I realized that I suck at every other pattern besides the house shot. I really need to learn to bowl other patterns to get better.

  8. I am the Fourth Generation of bowlers in my family. I started bowling really young, about 2-3 years old. Started bowling in a bumper league in 2005, and took down the bumpers in 2007. In 2012 I started bowling in my local junior traveling league, in which I shot my first 300 in 2014, and took the league championship twice in 2015 and 2018. I went adult in the winter of 2018 after graduation high school. As of right now I have 24 total 300 games and 8 total 800 series to my name.

    Bowling is my life and I don’t know what I would do without it. A few of my many proud moments is going 299-300 with my dad, (I stoned a 7-pin) and shooting a 300 with my great grandmother and grandmother watching. I’ve made so many friends in this sport, and many I consider family to me.

    That’s the cliff notes of my bowling journey, and it’s only just the beginning. I would love to attempt to do a PBA event one day, and I’d like to get into coaching to teach the next generation.

  9. I just started bowling again like 6 months ago. It had been a decade or more before this. I had been planning on buying new golf clubs this spring but I went bowling with friends and felt like I was home. Spent the golf club money on shoes, bag, a ball, and a few lessons. Now I’m in 2 leagues and hooked again

  10. I started when I was 19 (back in 1993). My brother-in-law took me out with his men’s group from church in Pinole CA. From there, I played in a ball leage and got myself a 12# purple urethane. I averaged 128. I picked bowling up again in 1997 & got my first reactive resin ball, got a coach, my own pair of white Linds for a lefty. I then bowled in another ball league and got an AMF Amforce 3. I averaged 153. I stopped bowling until about 2003. I bowled several leagues until about 2007 and got my average up to about 160. Got back into bowling in 2011 when some friends from work needed someone for their summer league. I bought myself a Track 607SE. My average ranged from 170 to one odd summer when I had a 193.

    Coaching legend Mike Jasnau came out to Cloverleaf Bowl in Fremont 2019 and I took a lesson from him. Best money I ever spent. In one lesson, he helped me with my posture and poor timing. Just from that, my speed & revrate increased and bowling became more fun. I began shooting more 600’s.

    Then COVID it and bowling stopped for 15 months.

    Got back in there in 2021 and bowled a summer league. I felt like a fish out of water and had to relearn everything I had just learned before the shutdown. By the end of the summer, I was back in the 190’s and feeling good. And as things would have it, I would break my wrist just as winter league started and couldn’t bowl for 4 months. Took me quite a while to get my strength & timing back, but managed a 185 during that time, including ending the season with several 600’s and my first 700!

    Summer league has started up and I picked up right where I left off, shooting more 600’s, more consistent, and having more fun.

    Bowling is a great escape for me. It gets me away from the stress of home & work and allows me to throw heavy objects and things 60′ away legally. LOL! I can’t imagine life without the sport.

  11. In all seriousness check the hardness of that ball compared to today’s balls….I’m pretty sure balls get harder with age.

    Could also be the reason the ball reacts a certain way

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