I Bowled Vs A Trash Talker! Match Number 8!

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Match number 8 of can you beat Luis was a GOOD one! Bowling vs a trash talker! All in good fun of course!

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45 Comments on “I Bowled Vs A Trash Talker! Match Number 8!”

  1. Goes to the bottom of the list with the rest of us shlubs as if it were a fight card. Got your butt whipped now need to fight back up the ladder!

  2. I appreciate someone his age who ISN’T two-handed. That said, unless everybody is gonna get a chance to rematch at some point…no rematch!

  3. In the words of Mortal Kombat, “Luis Wins. Fatality.” Zach has to fight his way back up for a rematch. Maybe make him admit on camera he was unprepared and was not the better bowler that day before it all.

  4. I think trash talk is perfectly acceptable as long as it’s done in a playful manner and not too serious.

    1. Not even that, it should be encouraged. Adds some excitement. I talk trash more than anyone in my leagues but I also SUPPORT who I’m bowling against no matter who they are. That’s the difference between a respectful trash talker and a floor dumper.

  5. No rematch. I don’t like it when people talk sh!t. Let your bowling be your words and act like you’ve been there.

  6. Lol, Luis if you do give him a rematch, make sure to have Zach remind the audience what the final score was the first time around!


  8. Zach got heart. I’ll give him that. Win or lose, he’s gonna talk his trash. Might as well keep serving him slices of humble pie lol. It’ll be even more humbling if you beat him at the alley he bowls at.

  9. Nice win Luis!!
    Zach may have potential but needs work mental and physical. You won before this match started. Forgetting your equipment shows how you prepare.

  10. Run it back and it should be action. $20 for the game, $30 for the two game set since it was pretty close and Zach can easily make up 40 pins.

    And if only I wasn’t all the way across the country from where Luis is at. I would LOVE to be in one of these! Sam’s Town looks like a house that I could do some real work at. Love it when you can feed the ball to the gutter. Looks like that’s possible here.

  11. Great vid. Would love to see Zack throw more. He’d be great on a ball review with you sometimes. Love how he throws the ball.

  12. Hey Luis! I noticed that you’ve been having clipping audio in recent videos sometimes. I would recommend you get an audio recorder with 32-bit float recording. The most affordable one at this time is the Zoom F2 (or Zoom F2-BT which has Bluetooth). 32-bit float recording makes it so that you’ll never have to worry about clipping ever again. All your audio will be able to be brought down to non-clipping levels in post-production

  13. yea he deserves a rematch with commentary so we can hear you giving him the L – he throws it great just has a tug issue – good match

  14. He doesn’t have bad form at all just need some repetitive practice. Several times you can tell he’s gripping the ball and it really throws him off. I say rematch so we can hear the audio on loss #2 haha!

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