I Bowled A Tournament On Bourbon Street | First Tournament Vlog

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Bowled on the Bourbon Street oil pattern for this doubles tournament with Ryan. The pattern didn't play nearly like we thought they would! There was SOOO much friction to the outside part of the lane with a puddle in the middle. Some of the ball featured in this vlog are the Motiv Desert Tank, Motiv Venom Shock, Motiv Jackal Legacy, Motiv Fatal Venom and a few others! Hope y'all enjoy this vlog! I def had a great time recording the shots!!

Bowling Stuffs
Jackal Legacy-
Desert Tank-
Venom Shock-
Fatal Venom-
Forge Fire-
Forge Flare-
Jackal Flash-
SST 6 Boa-
3 Ball Roller-
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2 Ball Tote-
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41 Comments on “I Bowled A Tournament On Bourbon Street | First Tournament Vlog”

  1. Kinda glad to see I wasn’t the only one getting splits over there. Needless to say I did terrible lol

  2. I used to bowl before Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and Mississippi. I’ve never heard of an oil pattern called Bourbon Street here in the New Orleans area.

  3. Lou, look like you went away from your own plan. You had said you would try the outside with the desert. Did you bring enough equipment? Did you throw the Vip? From what i could tell there was a good back end response, say 6 to 11 board at 45 or so feet. VS seems to be a little too strong at 11,12 and end. But a little too weak from further outside.

    1. Hi Mark, I threw the VIP in practice and it was just way to angular. I ultimately went away from the D Tank because as I moved left it hooked less and less but when I stayed right it was either strike or split

  4. The vlog turned out nice! I’m really looking forward for more. Maybe you can just show some of the other bowlers in the tournament too.

  5. I hate patterns like this in my experience. 20mls is soo little oil when it’s a longer pattern. Just think of stretching a rubber band. So after a few frames the lane is always cooked. I think anything 40ft and above needs at least 30 or 40 just to stay competent.

  6. I know the feeling about hard work on the game and then bombing in tournaments, dont let it get ya brother. Keep choppin the wood!

  7. Hey I was wondering if you could do another recoil review Bc I’m about to get one and I would like to make sure about it before I actually get it

  8. Today i realised me and Lou bowl predominantly the same lines. however while Lou drifts to the right on the approach, i drift to the left. I also don’t bowl with a thumb and can’t get as low to the ground due to injuries. however we still have similar speed and keep the same line. it’s interesting how so much difference on the approach could lead to something so similar once it’s on the lanes

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