I Bowled A Doubles Tournament With Another Motiv Staffer | Second Tournament Vlog

Motiv Staffer and GREAT friend Ricky and I bowled a doubles tournament! It runs through May2nd and we plan on bowling a couple more time and we will be vlogging every time we bowl! Balls featured in this video are Motiv Purple Tank with two different layouts, Motiv Fatal Venom, Motiv Tank Blitz and Jackal Ghost!!!

Bowling Stuffs
Purple Tank-
Tank Blitz-
Jackal Legacy-
Desert Tank-
Venom Shock-
Fatal Venom-
Forge Fire-
Forge Flare-
Jackal Flash-
SST 6 Boa-
3 Ball Roller-
3 Ball Tote-
2 Ball Tote-
Power Gel Polish-
Amplify Cleaner-
CTD Trucut Pads-

My Gear
Apple Watch-
Ring Light-
Mini Tripod-

45 Comments on “I Bowled A Doubles Tournament With Another Motiv Staffer | Second Tournament Vlog”

    1. @MotivLou I always have my own little run off the approach when I have a bullshit luck like that LOL

    1. I wouldn’t say reactive is FAR superior. That’s going to be 100% situational but yes in MOST cases its superior

  1. Man the carry with that pin down purple was so much better. Having second thought about how I’m going to drill mine now.

  2. “Yes”!!!!!
    Both of you guys looked good & good luck the rest of the way.

  3. Wish I lived out there. There arent many tournaments around where I live. Like I’d have to drive around 2hrs to get to the big centers in Columbus and Cleveland

    1. Buddy of mine lives in Ohio not sure where and he bowls literally every weekend something different

  4. Wouldn’t it have been a better game plan to work together and not throw urethane? Just seems like 2 bowlers on 1 lane with no other traffic would have had more success breaking the lane down together instead of the urethane carry down he had to fight that you mentioned 15 times.

    1. The carry down only affected him when he really missed right which to be honest wouldn’t be pretty even if I wasn’t throwing the purp

  5. 3:40 Wtf! 3 pin trips the 6-10 with a brush by? That Purple is simply magic. Crazy good. It could be your new reference standard Lou…sorry Desert…

    1. @MotivLou It is great to watch your journey with the Purple as you learn its abilities.
      Tip: The further right and more direct and closed down you can keep your angles with that pin down Purple, the harder it will hit and the better it will carry.

    1. The tournament started saturday morning and run through may 2nd Rickey and I were the only ones that bowled the first squad LOL

  6. Purple tank looks like it has the nutsπŸ˜‚ but I really need to know where to get that jersey. Not seeing it on LogoInfusion

    1. That jersey I’m wearing is my own custom design! I’m working with Logo Infusion to set up my own merch line and hopefully soon it’ll be available !!

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