Hyroad Pearl Is The BEST 4K Fast Ball In The Line Up Hands Down!

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Of all the bowling balls that converted from the 1500 Polish to the 4k fast finish the Hyroad pearl in my opinion is the best! It still clears the heads and comes off the spot pretty hard but now it can handle a little volume on the fresh!

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18 Comments on “Hyroad Pearl Is The BEST 4K Fast Ball In The Line Up Hands Down!”

  1. I have a 4k fast Hyroad Pearl… drilled it… but just haven’t gotten to pull it out of the bag yet… guess this might change my mind!

  2. HyRoad Pearl with 4k is amazing. 3 of my 5 300s were thrown with this ball and finish. Feels like I have a look with it no matter what house I’m bowling in or what the condition is. May also be the best smelling ball ever made!

  3. How do you make sure it’s the 4k fast? I bought a zen wanting the 4k fast but got a 1500 finish.

  4. Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo. 4 sentadillas son unos 19yearsold.Monster muchas y un buen ejercicio. Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍 Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖 los mortaleso abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.k

    1. I wondered this about my Hustle Camo I just got.

      I do know what it isn’t a special finish. You can do this yourself. Luis explains it in another video.

  5. Think this will be my next ball I get to put after the Gem, Zen then this Hyroad. Good diea?

  6. I have a pretty new barely used hyroad pearl that came 1500 polish (6 months ago?). Is there a good way to make it a 4k?

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