21 Comments on “HyperKinetic22 | Development & Timeline of the HOTTEST Coverstock on the Market!”

  1. Phil and Nick, I had no idea how interesting this topic was going to be but glad I tuned in. I liked hearing about it!

  2. Interesting video. What interested me the most was where you said you tried old cores with the modern coverstocks. Since HK22 goes longer, might I suggest trying the Xeno core? Hands down the quickest revving ball in my arsenal, and given more length I think it would become a back end monster.

  3. Awesome stuff. Did DOT technology come out of the need to vertical pour for the gas mask core?

  4. Phil and Nick!!!
    The amount of knowledge that you both broke down in 20 minutes was masterful!!!
    I always appreciate the way you both approach the topic and make complicated concepts seem really accessible. Kudos to the Brands of Brunswick bringing great gear to the masses and having the number one best seller in the BW 2.0 Hybrid—I enjoy mine!

  5. I honestly would love to watch a 1-2 hour long video about the history of coverstocks in the brunswick brands/radical lanes. Maybe even longer. I was a little sad hearing nick nudge along Phil to “get to HK-22”.

    Excellent video!

  6. Great video and thanks for sharing. I have an Outer Limits and a Bigfoot Hybrid and I can’t say enough about HK22.

  7. Brunswick NEEDS to put together a coverstock strength chart! Having an idea of comparative strengths makes buying new balls easier when we paying full price and don’t have the option to drill up more then 3-4 a yr. I wanted to go out spi equipment for 1st time recently and have found nothing to help w cover strength comparison other then few ball review vids. I went w the Black wdw 2.0 hybrid. FIgured may as well try couple of Brunswicks flagship core/covers to start. Good transition ball for this speed dom bowler so far, may try sanding it a bit not sure yet.

  8. Damn Phil.. you gave us a leg up with all this knowledge. I think you deserve a major award. But, you already got it 😂

  9. Thank you guys for the education and thank you Brunswick for ALL the awesome equipment we have to choose from.

  10. I have a BS in chemistry and a PhD in Biochemistry. Perhaps I should start working on a ball that neither absorbs or moves oil around. LOL

  11. I enjoy both of your bowling knowledge and appreciate you sharing it. I’ve learned a lot from both of you and appeciate Phil continuing Mo’s legacy. Claiming a rigged or stacked deck from the competitor when the governing body’s practices have been shown to be both inconsistent and…less than forthcoming… just sounds like jealous whining.

    You have a great product with the HK22. Let the product speak to its worth instead of claiming some slight by competitors that proved the processes were flawed and replaced the equipment anyway.

  12. I don’t really know the addictives in that bonus pearl…that moves..any other ball in the line similar??

  13. HK-22 gave you the motion Storm has been so successful with. Now you have a wider range of motions, and you can already see Storm trying to respond by releasing more early, rollier type balls to match what Brunswick has always done well. Innovation is good.

  14. After throwing storms stuff with 1500 polish a couple years ago, and throwing the crypto boom a couple weeks ago, I think it’s safe to say hk22 outperforms anything storm had

  15. Was the track kinetic black ice one of those balls that had an early form of hk22? That had some nice skid/flip motion that I wasn’t used to seeing from track

    1. Also here, had a 505C2 & Ruby. The Black Ice was skid with late recovery for me, unlike the 2 mentioned predecessors.

  16. Would love to see the old Slant HD booster core with the HK22/Soaker and the original copper/blue colors of the Slant Pearl. Still have a Slant Pearl in use, great house shot league ball. Only had the HD version for 2 weeks use, before the cover cracked all the way around, just sitting there. Slant HD rocked for that short time!

  17. Wonder what the Inferno line with the HK22 would be like. Can you imagine the Original and Intense Infernos with HK22?

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