HYPER VENOM | Ball Motion Video

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They say the brighter the color, the deadlier the venom and the new Hyper Venom is no exception. The color of the Hyper Venom isn’t the only thing that is striking. This new addition to the Venom line pairs the Gear core with new Propulsion MXR Pearl Reactive coverstock for a lethal combination. Proceed with caution: the new Hyper Venom is the most angular Venom to-date and is deadly on light-moderate volumes of oil.


0:00 – Introduction
0:23 – Ball Description
0:56 – Pin Up Layout
1:35 – Pin Down Layout
2:15 – Ball Comparisons

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10 Comments on “HYPER VENOM | Ball Motion Video”

  1. To me it looks very close like color wise to the panic which I love ALOT. And I like that shirt

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