Hustle RIP Is The Closest Bowling Ball To The Hustle INK | But Is That A Good Thing?!

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Today we are reviewing the all new Roto Grip Hustle RIP!

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20 Comments on “Hustle RIP Is The Closest Bowling Ball To The Hustle INK | But Is That A Good Thing?!”

  1. What’s the strength difference between the pearl cover on hustles vs the pearl cover on electrify?

  2. Luis, I gotta say, that’s one of my favorite jerseys of yours! Pink and blue will never not look good together. And that pattern on it is eye candy 😍

  3. I’ve got a BUNCH of questions. Being someone who owns the Camo / Wine, do I need this ball in my bag? How does this ball compared to the Camo? You said you wouldn’t use it on the fresh, so does that mean it’s weaker and needs more friction maybe? Also when would you say is the best time to use this ball?

  4. The hustle USA is my fav, its also the only one I’ve thrown but, gotta love the colors! U.S.A. USA!, USA!

  5. Hustle Rap got me my first 300 upon my return to the sport so it definitely has a soft spot for me. Video of it is actually on my channel

  6. Lou– If you could do an all-Hustle comparison, that would be helpful. Every time I consider buying a Hustle, another one comes out!! 🙂

  7. My favorite Hustle has to be the Hustle USA. I’ve shot my first 800 with it and my 3rd 300 with it. I never liked how snappy the other hustles are.

  8. Honestly, it looks like the Hustle Wine. I use it for league, and based on where you placed it and how fast you rolled, I could pretty much tell how the RIP was going to break. I love my Hustle Wine.

  9. I’m not sure were gonna get a true reading of the mm and rip on how the ball actually reacts under normal oil conditions. the reason why we wanna see fresh oil is because we’d like to know if these balls are performing like the ink , wine , rap , etc. rosdahl says he was suggesting the rap as a replacement to the idol pearl. Likewise i’m looking at the m-m for a replacement to my idol synergy that cracked in half.

  10. Thanks for the coupon code I just used it recently and thanks for what you do on youtube
    My favorite hustles are the hustle ink and the hustle camo

  11. Great video again Luis‼️ And I never tried all the Hustle but however I do have a Hustle Wine 🍷 and I love it. Although I’ve been looking at the Hustle USA 🇺🇸 and the Revenant for the dry also.

  12. thanks to Luis over theyears my arsenal consists of the Motiv Desert Tank took finish off and up to 300 perfect for down and in . Hustle USA, Hustle Camo and an Ocean Vibe only because l was a Vibe Guy when they first came out. I took the finish off all those and to a 3000 grit. all drilled same layout and allows me to move easily when l need to without over thinking it.. keep up the great work Luis

  13. The Hustle Hybrid was my favorite for sure. It was the black and blue one. It seems as if they were teying to do a remake with the Hustle USA.

  14. Hustle RAP and PBR were my favorites. My house is very dry with 25 year old panels so for $200 i had a league arsenal for a year and a half lol

  15. Luis, You put me in the Hustle Camo and it does not disappoint. It’s in my current arsenal. I’ve never bowled with the Hustle Ink although discontinued I would like to get my hands on one. I love your reviews. I will definitely get this RIP. Appreciate your grind on the lanes and on your hoop game 👊🏾

  16. I don’t understand why RG (ie SPI) won’t re-release the Hustle Ink and put it in the HP2 line if they are worried about margin. They will still sell a ton of them. Heck they might even be able to sell them as HP3. Luckily still have my original Ink as well as a factory second I squirreled away (and a 12# for my son). This ball looks tempting though. Pretty ball and price is nice.

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