How Will I Bounce Back After My First Loss?! Match Number 6 vs Another Two Hander!

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Last week was my first loss of the series! How will I bounce back vs a strong two handed bowler?!

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42 Comments on “How Will I Bounce Back After My First Loss?! Match Number 6 vs Another Two Hander!”

    1. @Luis Napoles  I’m down for any day… lmk when we can meet on Sam’s town
      Or if you wanna come to my house shot (Suncoast) lmk

  1. Our match will have to be in the fall if all goes well. Some plans just went south BUT I will be moving home hopefully in Oct. To quote this scene from Cars, “Guido!!! You will have your chance, Guido. YOU WILL HAVE YOUR CHANCE.”

    1. @Luis Napoles Big Lou sounding like he’s ABSOLUTELY HYPED for this TIMELESS match! Or is it FATE? All we know is, it won’t be a PHAZE and there will be a lot of TNT! 😂

  2. Good Stuff Luis and J! Need to get the rest of the Sam’s Town Crew to challenge. Kaiden, Tank (Amelio) where you at?

  3. Luis – I know you’re an elite league bowler. But you could generate so much more speed and so many more revs if you changed the timing of your approach and stopped slowing down at the foul line .. you’re never able to get fully under the ball at the release because of that.

  4. Some drama in this match Lou! Pretty fun.
    Sadly your opponent got caught in over/under land. He really needed something more forward and early to deal with these very cliffed lanes.
    That’s why Crux Prime was such a perfect choice in your previous match.

  5. your approach is really holding you back. You are always going to hit your foot… the ball is millimeters away on every throw. You constantly almost foul or stumble… so many of your throws that are strikes… are actually almost fouls and other issues. Until you fix your approach… you will always have issues like today.

  6. Hey Luis, what is the common pro bowler ball layout? I saw on a storm manufacture video that the common for pros is 5 x 5 1/2 x 3. Does that sound right?

  7. Love the way your opponent talks himself through each shot you can tell his not doing it just because of the mic

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