How To Shoot Spares WITHOUT A Spare Ball | 10 Ten & 7 Pin How To Tutorial!

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Todays quick clip is all about those pesky corner pins! How too spare the 10 pin and the 7 pin without a dedicated spare ball! I hope this tutorial helps make you a better spare shooter!

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15 Comments on “How To Shoot Spares WITHOUT A Spare Ball | 10 Ten & 7 Pin How To Tutorial!”

    1. Ehh I wouldn’t go that far lol I never said don’t use a spare ball but there’s PLENTY of bowlers who don’t use a spare ball including Norm Duke and A LOT if the young PBA talent

  1. You’re correct about a spare ball using up a spot when you’re limited to a number of balls. However, another thing to think about…resin balls are porous, spares are more shots on your resin balls. The covers only are newer for so long. Because of this I say if you’re on staff, by all means don’t use a spare ball. You frequently get new equipment. If you have have to buy all your equipment I’m a fan of using the Mix because I could have a zillion shots on it and it doesn’t matter

    1. You’re correct about that but when you flatten out your wrist the ball will track in a different part of the ball than normal

  2. I use plastic for sure. This gives me half a chance if i accidently do something goofy with the release. I’m not Norm Duke status yet…

  3. Much easier for a two hander to use a plastic ball. One hander can use anything. Not saying a two hander can’t use a reactive ball to spare, just more to go wrong. Packy is pretty good at it though.

  4. I don’t use a spare ball lol. Is my spare game great? No but it’s worse with a spare ball for me. Some spares you need to hook at. Like most splits and multipin spares

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