How To Shoot Spares In Bowling | The Easiest & Most Important Way To Increase Your Average!

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Strikes are for show and spares are for the dough! That is a very old bowling term that still holds so much weight! Spares are everything in bowling and today we will talk about spare shooting!

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24 Comments on “How To Shoot Spares In Bowling | The Easiest & Most Important Way To Increase Your Average!”

  1. Once again another incredible video Luis also last night I shot my first games with my new Rubicon UC3 and that ball is incredible hooks so much more than I thought

  2. I am team 8 bagger lol but I’m not there yet so I definitely have to work on my spares 🫡💯

  3. last night shot 610 (meh average for that league) missed a 10 pin, 1,2,10 washout. and a 4 pin. but if i had missed anymore there goes my 600 lol. 27/30

  4. I thought it was funny, when shooting 10 pins, first shot – 23 at the arrows (middle arros is 20) “Perfect Spare”, second shot – 19 at the arrows “aww, missed that one”. Second shot was actually closer to target than the first XD.

    The rest of the shots were all right around board 22. But this proves the point, you need to find an area where you are comfortable shooting the spares that gives you the most room to miss, and also the most likely shot you can repeat accurately.

  5. I got to tell you, Luis, I was watching a video not too long ago where you mentioned you were struggling and needed to keep your palm up. I was having the same issue and noted to do the same. Well, it came to fruition as I shot 244, 243, 298 for a 785 in my house/challenge league last night. Kudos to your knowledge of the game and little snippets here and there to help others in their game. Blessings.

  6. i struggle with plastic ball for spares. something i have to work on more but my thrill that i have been using is workign great for my spares currently lols

    1. @Jake Snussbuster using strike balls for spares for so many years and having that motion in my approach it’s difficult to change

  7. I recently switched from throwing mostly reactive for my spares to all plastic for the reason you said. The ten pin continues to be my worst single pin spare to convert. I drift right some on my approach which hurts me there. And yes the 3-6-10 sucks! Love how you got the 7-9 make on film. Do the pinsetters allow you to set whatever pins you want at that center?

  8. How do you get these spare setups to practice? Can you use the tablet at the table to pick what you want to practice?

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