How To Prepare For A Sport Shot Tournament!

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Preparing for a sport shot tournament can be difficult this is how I prepare!

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48 Comments on “How To Prepare For A Sport Shot Tournament!”

  1. I really like your process! 😂have troubles going up the back being two handed this helps a good bit.
    Good motion, definitely like the eternity with the hockey stick hook to it

  2. You sound a bit under the weather in this vid. Also, I wish you the best for the tournament! 😄

  3. This is how I prepare for a tournament practice Working on my timing making sure my footsteps using the right bowling ball

  4. I just recently drilled an Exotic Gem. Generally would you say on a sports shot is to start out with a urethane for game one and then move to Exotic Gem for Games 2-4 on a 4 game league. Sports Shot Summer league will be 4 games and move a pair after 2 games. I should start with my purple hammer or Zen-U until its not working anymore? Thanks

  5. I watched one of your old motiv ball review videos and your release then was better in my opinion.. Your hand was more on the back of the ball, better rotation and looked like higher rev rate. wonder what happened.. but I guess its a work in progress..

  6. Nice video Luis. Backswing looks good, and you seemed to be under the a little more. Good luck at the tourney.👍👊✌🖖

  7. Actually I just left Jamison who is drilling my bowling balls for the summer. He is really a nice person and has helped me with my layout

  8. What i usally do to prepare is i get my bag of chips and open up youtube and watch others bowl tourney games!

  9. I noticed u turn your slide foot(left) inside after your release. Isnt that a knee injury waiting to happen?

  10. Keep up the great content Luis! Wish I could’ve met up with you at Southpoint this week. Was in town for the USBC conference. Keep up the great work and best of luck in your upcoming tournament.

  11. I like that you showed your spare shots in this video. I bought an old un drilled Brunswick U Motion. First ever urethane ball 🤞 great video as always.

  12. Lou–two questions: First since house are usually dry from gutter to 10 on either side, do you ever feel that this dry/built in hook can fool you in to thinking you’re prepped and ready for a short sport shot? And if so, how would you approach that?

    Second, how would prepare for a long sport shot?

    1. @Luis Napoles Yes, IF you are lucky enough to find any sport patterns on which to practice, let alone ones that are similar to the one being used in the tournament!

  13. Luis, I’m going to the TAT in Vegas in July. What are your thoughts on an arsenal?
    DNA, DV8 troublemaker, Phaze 2, Phaze 5, Hyroad, Hustle Wine, Pitch Black/plastic spare.

    Have the troublemaker maker drilled to be between the dna and Phaze 2. May think about polishing it also.

    1. @Luis Napoles thanks.

      Right now it looks like I’m going with
      Dna, troublemaker, phaze 5, pitch black.

      Need to decide between the hy-road og and hustle wine. And if I want to bring a spare ball.

      Leaving the phaze 2. Wasn’t hooking much and was light hitting. Had it redrilled (I had my pap way off) to the 2ls benchmark 3rd option. Stronger hooking now (but need to get on a fresher lane).

  14. Sports shots can be difficult for avid bowlers or serious bowlers. I have never been playing USBC the Open because none bring me to Reno for Single, double, and team events. I will play at South Point for practice games at the end of May for one night. The next day, I flew from Vegas to Charlotte for a deaf bowling tournament in Rock Hill, SC.

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