How To Practice With Purpose!

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How to practice with purpose is the whole objective behind todays video! This is a step by step guide in how to practice with purpose to achieve our goals!

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45 Comments on “How To Practice With Purpose!”

  1. Yeah it’s especially fun when I’m doing 1/ drills for low score shooting at the 10 pin, lowest I’ve gotten is 112 😁

  2. I was taught the same approach to practice which I like to think of as training. I usually start with the foul line drill, then do a one step, three step, and finally full approach. I focus on 1 or 2 things to train on and will occasionally bowl 1 game for score.

  3. I use 5 bowling balls + my spare ball when I practice I usually throw a game with each ball to try to teach myself versatility with each one then on spares I try to force myself to use the spare ball on every shot even if my strike ball would make more sense for the shot the goal there is to give myself the ability to use my spare ball on any shot also it helps that my main bowling alley constantly puts out different oil patters

  4. timing seems late to me. there is a hitch in the last lift. I try and let my wrist flow with the arm. Is that wrong? love the videos. thank you

  5. I’m currently working on timing. Ended up going from a four step to a five step approach this weekend, and it’s amazing how one extra step has improved my timing. Now to practice leading with my left foot instead of my right. Should be a fun few weeks.

  6. I moved from roto grip/ storm to motive. I have better scores with motive. I really enjoyed your motive videos. Love your channel regardless who your with.

  7. I get 4 free games a week and I practice multiple hand axis tilts, speed and angles… but I focus on my second shots of picking up every spare

  8. Newer to bowling here… about 2 months in but I’m a 2 hander throwing 15-17MPH with med/high rev rate. Looking to build a 3 ball arsenal. I was thinking about going strong asym(Reality or Exotic Gem), then into a slightly weaker ball like the Phase II, followed by a urethane option like a Pitch Black. I already have a spare ball as well. Am I overlapping at all or does that arsenal make sense? Also, reality or exotic gem for someone like me? Thank you for the insight!

    1. Being a new 2 handed bowler a strong ball like the exotic gem will be very difficult to control unless you add polish or have it drilled pin down..and even then it’ll take a lot of practice…if you arent going beyond the typical house shot I’d recommend between the fate, hyped solid, revenant, any urethane, and the phase 2 as you mentioned earlier…I’ve seen some success with stronger balls but I say give it time

    2. A 3 ball arsenal is always great for versatility. Especially for leagues because those conditions tend to be tougher than a typical house shot. Your 3 ball arsenal that you are going for is a great choice.

      In my opinion, I’d go with the exotic gem over the reality. The reality is earlier and stronger than the exotic, but doesn’t handle transition as well as the exotic. This just means that you can use it for probably only a game or so before a ball change.

      The exotic on the other hand is strong, but weaker than the reality. This one you should be able to get about 2 games in before a change (this fluctuates depending on your opponent’s equipment and throwing styles).

    3. I can tell you that the Reality is an absolutely FANTASTIC ball that really helped improve my scores when my other bowling balls just didn’t give me that little bit extra that I needed. Don’t let everybody scare you away from a strong asymmetric solid and talk about how hard it is to throw. Yeah, I start more left with that one, but its no problem at all to control. for reference, i am also a 2-hander and I have (from strongest to weakest):
      Night Road (set up with a 2500 finish)
      Hustle USA (polished)
      Spare ball
      Every one of these balls have been total home runs for me.

    4. @Matt Von Gruben recommending a reality for a new 2 handed bowler is a terrible idea, even 1 handers it’s not really a great choice starting out…the amount of precision and control you need won’t make that ball a great choice for a typical high rev bowler

    5. @Deon Kirk I plan on bowling league nights in the future as well so I was trying to get 3 balls that do different things. I run into some long oil patters back home and I feel like I currently don’t have an answer for it. That’s kinda why I was looking at a strong asym like the reality or original gem after further research. Then something like the Phase 2 or Zen, and then possibly a Night Road or Pitch Black. Recommendations?

  9. Really letting the ball drop and swing freely instead of controlling it would bring you to the next level. Primarily, letting the ball fall into the swing freely instead of slowing it down. If need be, drop it from a lower height, but don’t try and control its speed. No muscle involved, at all. Just let gravity do its thing. You will gain the ability to have more ball speed and revs because your arm will be looser as there will be no muscle tension. Your step speed can be either picked up or slowed down to match the timing for the free swing. Props for continuing to work on it. You continue to get better.

  10. I am currently working on Squaring up my shoulders a little bit more to my Target to be in the 1-2 more often as a lefty and pick up my Spares.

  11. I am really big on physical timing. Finding a explosion spot and finish through the ball each time. No matter what ball I’m using. When I get comfortable, I switch and get lined up with a diff ball and continue….I also feel warming up with a spare ball until you have quality shots going is good for me too. I do that to check myself, I don’t get to go for a strike until I have a good release.

    1. @Luis Napoles Appreciate it, I feel it helps prevents bad habits being formed in physical game. 🤘

  12. Thanks for the video. Next time I would like to have you explain your foot position at setup for each corner pin you are shooting for practice as well as your target downlane. The other thing would be to show your release as it appears to be at 10 or 11 o’clock. thanks for your videos.

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