How To Layout A Bowling Ball | Complete In Depth Guide!

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Today we have an in depth guide into how to layout a bowling ball. We will be drilling a Roto Grip Magic Gem using the Dual Angle layout system!

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6 Comments on “How To Layout A Bowling Ball | Complete In Depth Guide!”

  1. Great video as always. Now, obviously you have a lot more experience than I do. Did you say depending on the video the matter if it was from a few years ago or today that your labs are kind of different for all your symmetrical balls versus your asymmetrical balls and even versus let’s say your urethane balls for different reasons? What do you like better traditional layout numbers or VLS I still do not understand all of them, even though I watched videos about it, it’s fascinating. I love learning this it’s gonna take me a lot more time to really sink it if there’s a simple way for me to understand it better that be great otherwise yes I do want more of these videos. Like at drill this ball do another one let’s say maybe doing it the cos way simply with another ball or change of the layout entirely for whatever the heck you choose. What’s next for the channel? Will it be a comparison a drill or a new ball review?

  2. Really great video Lou. Very informative. I would like to see more of these videos. Dual angle has its historical roots in the work of Denny and Lew Marquez. Mo combined, refined the concepts and developed the system as we have it today. In my experience layouts are much more important than surface for ball shape. All surface can do is make a ball read the lane earlier or later, but surface will not “shape” the ball’s movement through the lane. Layouts are the key to taking a simple sphere and creating imbalance in it so that it does different things through the lane. Even balls that have no core can be laid out in a way to make them have different shapes, something surface alone cannot do.

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