How To Hook A Bowling Ball | Complete In Depth Guide!

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Today we are going over how to hook a bowling ball the right way! Doesn't matter if you are a completely new bowler or a long time bowler just trying to improve! This in depth guide will help you on your journey!

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8 Comments on “How To Hook A Bowling Ball | Complete In Depth Guide!”

  1. I enjoyed your video, Louis. I’m one that always bowled with a slight curve but mostly straight. So I’ve been watching videos for the past 3 months on how to throw a hook, as well as the proper techniques from start to finish (aka footwork, body posture & position & releases) but find myself missing a step or two on most throws. Realizing that improving muscle memory through repetitive practicing techniques is essential, as is unlearned bad habits that I’d learned years ago. Self discipline & learning to be patient when I find the simple practice techniques tedious & boring (such as the ones in this video). There’s a reason I’m unable to throw hooks well enough & consistently and it’s because I haven’t focused enough effort in the pre-bowling warmup practice techniques that you’re teaching us. That all changes today & I’m looking forward to a 2nd Video to follow this one. Thank you for keeping it simple when that’s just what the doctor ordered.

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