How To Generate More Power Using Your Off Hand In Bowling!

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Generating more power in bowling can be a challenge! Using your off hand is the most simple way to make that happen!

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40 Comments on “How To Generate More Power Using Your Off Hand In Bowling!”

  1. You will definitely create more power and better direction. Another thing to add while concentrating on your balance arm Is “thumb down” which helps open up the shoulders and helps with a higher more consistent back swing. (Balance arm forward, thumb down)

  2. This is something YouTuber Canadian team member, Sarah Klassen was working on with drills to get better. I think it was just last week she posted videos working on drills as well.

  3. Great video. I actually just started working on this same thing last week. With my off arm being out and thumb down. Seems to be helping

  4. Gona focus on my off hand in practice today. I’m 6’4″ 300lb+ so throwing it @ 18 is easy and normal but at that speed I’m waaay to speed dom. I have to concentrate on throwing it more like 15.5-16 to match my rev rate. New Fate last week and I had the finger pitches drilled away 1/8″ more then previous to relieve finger burn and early on it seems like I have alittle more rev w the new pitches too.

  5. Thank you for this informative video. What do you mean by generating power; is it increasing Rev rate or increasing Speed or both? 😊

  6. Being a smaller bowler, what has helped me a LOT to generate more ball speed & power is just getting my ball started in the pushaway quicker. It makes me increase my foot speed to match and stay in time with the quicker arm swing.

  7. It doesn’t matter how well you do if you foul every time. Maybe not every time but damn close.

  8. Whats this theory with the balance arm? I was told by a pba pro to keep the off shoulder quiet and neutral. This sounds like quite the contrary.

  9. It would be helpful when you are demonstrating drills – side view of what you are doing! Thanks

  10. Luis, very interesting video. I cannot get my speed over 13mph. I think I might work on this drill. By the way is your thumb on your off hand pointing down????

  11. Anytime I bowl I think I am getting more power with my right arm to crush the line with my Geico plastic ball. Compared to last season I have more power then last season with my Geico plastic ball and my overseas magenta urethane hammer ( magenta is a full step or 2 down from the ebi purple pearl hammer urethane back in 2017 – 2018 ) my dad couldn’t get any carry and drive with it but I am and more motion but I think I am over doing my right wrist when I generate more power because after league it freaking is sore like I was asleep on it for 5 years.

    1. @Luis Napoles oh I do every time I need to generate more power . Plus I am flying to Vegas on the 3rd of this month ( Saturday) and I will be practicing at the Orleans (where the tournament is that I am bowling in ) to get a feel for the lanes and the house and the tournament starts that Tuesday ( the 6th) . My arsenal is only 3 balls 2 overseas and one state side. The Geico plastic ball, then my 2 overseas balls the obsession super which is a pearl asymmetric and strong , my magenta urethane hammer .

  12. I’ve been working on getting my balance arm in a better position when releasing the ball. Speed has come up a little but still working on it. Currently throwing around 13 mph, but want to get between 14 and 15.

    Also just ordered some jerseys from Coolwick using your code!

  13. Lou–my balance arm, without trying, flies straight up, but then at release, comes down to
    shoulder height. I’ve been told that this is no bueno, but no one has been able to help me fix this.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you, Joe

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