How To Fix Your Bowling Release To Bowl Like The Pros!

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On today's video we will be going over how to fix your release to make it much more stable and repeatable! That is what the professionals are so good at and we are going to get there!

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14 Comments on “How To Fix Your Bowling Release To Bowl Like The Pros!”

  1. Do a drill with a towel in between your elbow and hip bone, and don’t let the towel drop. That will force your elbow to stay behind the ball.

  2. I wish I could get down more at the line. Always afraid of bouncing the ball off the floor and injuring my hand like I did years ago.

  3. I am really enjoying these videos, not sure what the stats are, but keep it up if you can.

  4. Nice one Luis…. Practice with purpose. I practice my approach and release in my basement when my schedule doesn’t allow me to get to the lanes to practice as often as I would like. My axis tilt is between 35-40 degrees and I keep my hand under the ball. Only practice will maintain.

    These videos are good to have in your catalogue so when I suggest your channel to my friends and to folks who come up to me when i am practicing, they can look you up and find informative videos like this on top of your awesome ball reviews. 👍

  5. Luis, I get compliments on this jersey every time I wear it. I think it has become my favorite to wear!

  6. Main thing I’m trying to work on is swing direction for a 2 hander. I throw it pretty good sometimes but I don’t know where it’s going I don’t feel confident in my swing’s path and whether or not I’ll hit my target. I keep my eyes locked to it but I still managed to miss by a lot!

  7. My big thing is what to do with my wrist at release. Sometimes I feel like my wrist isn’t “quite” enough.

  8. The no-step can be done from the finish position so that you can have a full swing with your leg out of the way.

    I need to be doing these drills more often. My footwork has been abysmal lately though.

  9. VIDEO SUGGESTION..How to select the right bowling ball. I’ve been watching a lot of bowling videos and hear mention of references like stored energy. So even though the lanes might be heavy oil a strong ball might not be the best choice? What is your thought process on ball selection based on lane conditions and pin leave?

  10. Also Luis if you want to try this, it really helped for me. I put the weight of the ball in the setup to the right of my hand. So I set my hand up like a backup ball almost and it was soooo much easier to release up the back. But fine tuning it is very hard for me. I can get up the back but if I want to choose between 20 degrees and 40 degrees? I can’t do it.

  11. One thought, nothing more I find works the best with my brain….keep the elbow in….For me it makes the rest of my approach almost an after thought…maybe it is just us men 😂

  12. My turbo finger grips have a very pronounced ledge where the fingers rev it, and it causes the ball to hang up on my fingers some times. Can I take a lil razor and cut that ledge off and make them more rounded?? Do they make just round grips next time I can get.

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