How To: Find Your Positive Axis Point

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The PAP, or Positive Axis Point, is the point on the ball about which the ball rotates at release. Knowing your PAP is a critical piece of information needed to determine the proper layout for your bowling ball. Your PAP tells the ball driller what your ball release says about you and what layouts will and won't work best for you. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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6 Comments on “How To: Find Your Positive Axis Point”

  1. to figure out layouts you need more then just a bowlers PAP. You need axis tilt, axis rotation, rev rate and speed

    1. absolutely, the PAP is not the only piece of information needed, but it is a critical piece of the puzzle.

  2. Nick, as a no thumb bowler, many traditional rules don’t apply, can motiv do a video similar to storms 2LS video…. it would help many motiv bowlers

  3. If it’s an option, use the least dynamic ball you have. The more dynamic it is, it can “trick” the pap if it start flaring in your back swing lol. I’m probably going to drill a Purple Tank just to get that measurement.

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