How To Find Your PAP In Bowling! Complete In Depth Guide To Find Your Positive Axis Point!

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Today we are going over how to find your positive axis point or your PAP and why it's SO important!

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17 Comments on “How To Find Your PAP In Bowling! Complete In Depth Guide To Find Your Positive Axis Point!”

  1. Luis, so what would happen to the bowling ball if a pro shop operator didn’t know what your PaP, how would it roll

  2. I haven’t checked mine in several years and I have had some coaching to work on my release, so I should re calculate that. However, my PAP was close to yours at 5 9/16 and 3/4 up.

  3. There’s a lot of videos out there about finding your PAP with no tools, but that never quite worked for me. I decided to splurge recently and bought an armadillo, and was shocked by how quick and easy it made it!

    1. WAY easier with the tools! Like I mentioned in the video you local shop should let you borrow it!

  4. Hi Louis. Appreciate the video. You always are very “real” and fun to watch. I would like to see if your PAP stays the same on something you throw straighter up the lanes like a urethane ball vs. something you throw from further left on the lane such as the Attention Star.

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