How To Combat Urethane On House Shots To Score Higher In League! Unlock The Cheat Codes!

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Combating urethane transition can sometimes be very frustrating! But in todays video I will show you what I do to turn urethane transition into a literal cheat code!

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35 Comments on “How To Combat Urethane On House Shots To Score Higher In League! Unlock The Cheat Codes!”

    1. @Luis Napoles thank you good sir! 👍 On a different topic do you have any idea when 900 Global three-ball travel bags be available?

  1. Love the demo’s. Learned a bunch today. I’ll be trying my Zen Master for my Tuesday league, where my teammate throws urethane.

  2. Throw something that’ll be clean through the fronts, move left that’s what works for me. Or I throw something strong and play the hold, the problem I’ve encountered with that is that those have a tendency to roll out leaving corners

  3. I just found your channel two weeks ago when I was looking to purchase the Gem and I am glad I found you and purchased this ball. Thank you for pumping out the content and keep it coming 💪💪

  4. He throws 15 in a row and says shoot I wanted to show something…great vid Luis!😎.

  5. How does your hand fit your bowling ball? What is your span? Do you dig your fingers in or to you just play the fingertips?

  6. Can’t wait to see the Dark Code Revisited video 😆

    Gem, Dark Code, Phaze 4. Love these balls for league! That Gem is sooooo versatile. I’m able to pick up speed and play down 10. Release at 22 to the 13 arrow. It hits hard. That ball is SPECIAL 🤯

  7. Part 1 and Part 2 videos was Outstanding ! On the Brad and Kyle channel they talk about ” stretching the pattern “. They throw urethane first 2 games in the block then they switch to the Reactive and the scores go through the roof. So many 300 games late in blocks. The Pro’s have figured out exactly what you have Demonstrated. Do not Compain, ADJUST !

  8. This also changes my mindset. I usually go with an angular ball till it dries up and I start giving away the headpin. Only then have I gone to my Pitch Black to combat the friction. I feel, by watching your video. I’ve been doing it backwards. Perhaps I should throw the PB to create that hold and go to a ball like my Zen to play off the carry down.

    Great video as always, Luis. Thanks for doing this one. I’ll let everyone know in discord how this works out for me.

  9. Makes me wanna get a gem I primarily throw urethane pitch black and hammer pink widow. I tried the Trend 2 after throwing all of those it sometimes gets off the spot with carry down but not enough to stay in it. That Gem is just consistent AF. It really is a cheat Code especially for people who can throw straight consistently like you. 🤯.

  10. Great video. I usually try to play a little straighter with what ever I am throwing for the night. Now cliffed patterns get a little trickier.

  11. Good stuff Luis! Gonna try my UC3 on the fresh then into the Gem this wk in league. Give this cheat code a try!😉 I know you did a quick vid on how to use a pad on a ball but I suggest a vid on addressing lane shine. When is it time to restore surface on a ball outta the box and how to do so.

  12. You confirmed my strategy against urethane, i.e., move in a little with stronger equipment to square up my line to the pocket. Up till now my intent was to get my opponent to put their urethane ball back in the bag, and that has happened, but now I see that I can still compete against them even if they keep the ball on the lane. It was good to see you use a pearl and a solid, but I believe tossing strong equipment with strong cores really helped you do so well. Part of my disdain for urethane is my dislike of two-handed bowling, which helped urethane equipment make a comeback, but both are here to stay, so adapting to this reality is always better than griping about it. Great job!!

  13. It’s interesting you mention you’re strike record of 19 in this video, because you did it with a ball that I never see you throw… make Belmo a happy man and pull out that Trend 2!

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