How To Change The Surface Of Your Bowling Ball To Get A More Predictable Ball Motion!

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Today we are going over How To Change The Surface Of Your Bowling Ball To Get A More Predictable Ball Motion!

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16 Comments on “How To Change The Surface Of Your Bowling Ball To Get A More Predictable Ball Motion!”

  1. Sweet spot for the core of my arsenal is 3000. I do keep my strongest ball around 2000-3000, and have a couple at 4000-polished.

  2. Lou!!! Great video! I just got the Summit Peak to pair with my Phaze 2. And I still have it as out of box and I’m not liking it so far. My league mates told me to adjust the surface on it but I haven’t yet. Can we get another video with you throwing this newly surfaced peak and against the Phaze 2. I’d like to see how they stack up against each other and can you have your Chris throw them with you as well. I like when you feature him as well as I’m a two handed high speed high rev player and Chris’s ball motion is more similar to mine. Thanks for all of your great content I look forward to more. Peace and blessings Lou!!

  3. Started changing ball surface because of
    Luis. He actually had a similar video years ago. My favorite finish is 2000. It works for me. Out of the box will stop working. It’s happened to me with just about every ball I’ve purchased.

  4. What’s the difference between doing 1k/3k on the box surface vs removing the polish first with a cleaner/solution and then using the abralon pads? Is there a “better” way?

  5. “It’s a sphere so there’s unlimited quadrants” Luis, I believe you’ll find that there can only ever be 4 QUADrants, no matter the shape.

  6. Urethane is 500/1000 depending on house shot or sport shot. Debating on trying 500 on my tour dynamax. Most of my main are 2-3k depending on pattern. Also speed dominant bowler. I do keep my zen and revenant both OoB polished for something clean.

  7. Wow! I don’t I have ever seen this process done with water. Thank you for this video, I plan on trying this process out.

  8. When I change surface by hand with ball on a cup my rotation sequence is: Holes Up, Holes to side, holes to bottom.
    I sand the side of the ball 6 times and make a tiny turn then do 6 more and so on until the ball has rotated all the way around like a clock, then I flip the holes to the side and repeat, then flip the holes to the bottom and repeat. This assures a uniform finish on the ball.

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