How To Build An Efficient Bowling League Arsenal With JUST Three Bowling Balls!

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Today we are going over how to build an efficient bowling league arsenal with just three bowling balls that all work really well together!

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19 Comments on “How To Build An Efficient Bowling League Arsenal With JUST Three Bowling Balls!”

  1. Hell yeah, i feel like i caused this video lol!

    I know most house shots are different, but i think the bigger asyms are going to be better because they allow more room to miss for the typical league bowlers. Right now in my bag for league that starts in a few weeks i have a Harsh Reality, Zen Gold, and IQ Ruby. In my other bag if i need them, I have a Summit, Summit Peak, and VEBO. My house likes to flood with oil and there are quite a few “old timers” in the league, and many in the league throw only urethane so i was trying to build my bags based on the high volume oil house as well as different pairs i may be up against causing different transition times and different shapes during the transitions.
    Overall, love the video.

    1. I’m a lefty stroker as well… I’ve been utilizing pin down Parallax Effect and Night road on drier conditions, and pin up Clone and Summit Peak on heavier conditions

  2. What do we need to do for you to do a Nationals practice session so we can see what to bring? That would be awesome even though I know the front house plays different we can get an idea…

  3. I didn’t have any options below my Zen the other night and I paid the price. Now I’m bringing a Raw Hammer or Ruby to league in addition to my Infinite Physix and Zen.

  4. Just drilled sublime and attention star. Looking forward to Tues night league… now to find that new solid to replace axiom

  5. Love this video would the orginal zen be close to xponnet pearl or is the zen stronger than that

  6. Loved the video. I wish i could throw the ball like u. I donโ€™t understand why ppl be hating on ur game. It looks good to me. Keep making great videos. ๐Ÿ‘

  7. Im a higher rev player so i typically have a Phaze 2, !Q Tour Solid, and a Track Tundra Fire for the burn.

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