How To Build An Arsenal For A Bowling Tournament!

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Bowling a tournament on an undisclosed oil pattern can be very difficult! On todays video we will be going over how to build an arsenal for that very situation!

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47 Comments on “How To Build An Arsenal For A Bowling Tournament!”

  1. Looking forward to this! I’m always curious about building an arsenal. I bowl on a house shot as well

  2. PitchBlack, Gem, Cell Pearl, Phaze2, IQTourSolid, HyroadPearl, and just like yourself my 7th ball is the SpareBall (Clear Belmo)

  3. My current 6 ball arsenal is DNA, Dark Code (Luis’s favorite ball) 😂, TNT, Zen, IQ Ruby and UC3 and on low volumes I bring my trusty Hustle 3TP

  4. My arsenal is vary outdated outside of my two newest balls. So it’s purple hammer urethane, Exotic Gem , then the old guys C300 Beast(nearly 28yrs old), Lane 1 Uranium HRG, Roto Grip Mystic and Ebonite Maxim spare.

    1. @Luis Napoles Thanks. Sadly my old Maxim cracked during my training session Sunday. So new spare ball incoming.

  5. I only bowl in a house league so don’t know about an arsenal for a sport pattern. I have enough trouble trying to find an arsenal for my house pattern which is a high flush strike pattern. Current is the absolute the zen soul or zen master the hyroad pearl and a spare ball and still struggle. Always enjoy the videos question do you use your fingers in your release

  6. Current 6 ball arsenal (since I only have 6 balls total) Gravity Evolve, Anarchy, IQ Emerald, Fever Pitch, Match Pearl, and Fear Factor. Trying to figure out where to make some upgrades and whether or not to get a spare ball. I like your lineup but surprised you have the IQ solid in there and not a pearl.

  7. I primarily bowl on house shots so I keep it to 4 reactives and a white dot.

    Pin up Widow Ghost
    Pin down GB2
    Pin up Phaze V
    Pin up Burner pearl
    White dot

    1. @machine thesun It reduces the amount of flare the core creates for a very smooth shape that’s forgiving on wet/dry house shots.

    2. ​ @Jeff Ladrillono thank you, my PSO wants to drill me a pin down ball for a sport league and I’m a bit hesitant as I’m low speed & revs. Sounds like it will make the back end easier to control.

    3. @machine thesun If you have slower ball speed and have issues controlling down lane motion, I’d definitely suggest drilling a pin down ball to help it get down lane and control the backends on fresh shots that are cliffed front to back.

  8. Hey Luis, love your videos. Quick questions. What bowling shoes are you currently using? I recently saw your review of 3g tour ultras. I am currently using dexter the 9. They’re now 2 years old and I’m looking to get a new pair. Not sure if I keep the dexter route or move to 3g. Any help would be great.


  9. If one ball is your plastic ball, would you go medium oil, light oil or heavy oil, medium oil for your other two slots for a House shot? Still playing around with this combination, and I’m just making adjustments with the Hustle Wine since the second ball isn’t complementing it at all.

  10. My arsenal is always changing due to my lanes being very wacky, sometimes you’ll click for a few weeks, then you’ll struggle to shoot 50 under average with the same balls, pull out a new set of balls, and clean house

  11. My current arsenal, Dream On (or Gem), Exotic Gem, Zen solid, Wolverine pearl, IQ Tour solid (Pitch Black if required)😊

  12. Out of curiosity, if you could only pick 1 Storm ball to have in your bag, which one would it be? DNA, Fate, Absolute, something else?

    1. I would go with something like a phaze II, it will give you the most versatility between lane conditions.

  13. Could you possibly make a 3 ball league arsenal video. I’ve been struggling to make it work with a spare ball. Right now it’s purple hammer, uc3, storm ice. I’m a 2 handed lefty, thank you

  14. I currently have for a league house shot the DNA, Phase II, Zen & Mix. For a 6 ball sport shot arsenal I’d go DNA, Eternity, Phase II, IQ Tour, Zen & Pitch Black. Great video!

  15. My current arsenal…Gem, Infinite, Primal Shock, Dark Code, Camo, Hyroad, Rhino, Ice….I held off so long getting a Dark Code bc you hated it. I ended up buying a used one cheap from a buddy. Turns out it’s one of my favorite balls. I may buy a new one before it’s discontinued 😊

  16. So I’m looking to add one more, I have the Nova, Eternity, Encite, Parallax Effect, and a Regular Paragon. Do you have any ideas about what to add?

  17. Hey Luis, thanks for this video man. I’m trying to build an arsenal for my League(Medium oil) currently I have a Gem, IQ Tour solid, and a spare ball. I was thinking of going for a pearl ball like the Ruby, Fatal Venom or the Duo for my 4th ball. Would love to know your thoughts on the 4th as well as 5-6. Thanks for your time! Much love brother.

  18. I’ve been very on the fence about that tnt being a bench mark. Current I have Super nova, UC2, Cosmos, purple taboo, afterburner. Tnt would go before the cosmos and I was looking into the IQ ruby to replace my cosmos because it’s too unpredictable and have only done well with it a handful of times. I also have a pink widow but haven’t bowled on too many sport shots so I haven’t used it a whole lot

  19. Hey Luis! My arsenal consists of Proton Physix, Idol Cosmos, Absolute, Iq Ruby, and Hyped Solid. Other than urethane, what would you recommend for my sixth ball? Very much appreciated bradda!

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