How To Build A Six Bowling Ball Arsenal

How to Pick the Best 6 Bowling Balls for Your Game. Tips on how to build the perfect 6 bowling ball arsenal with 6 different categories for each ball ! I hope this video helps you in building your next arsenal !

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48 Comments on “How To Build A Six Bowling Ball Arsenal”

  1. I know the recoil is in the light/medium category, but it plays medium to me. It’s actually my benchmark ball.

    1. For me the Recoil was just WAY too smooth which is why I roped it into the light oil category. IMO its the best resin ball on short 100%

  2. Man I don’t even throw motiv (always been a Brunswick guy) but I enjoy the vids man. Good stuff!!

    1. To me that’s the best comment I can get ! I’m trying to put out great bowling content and I’m glad a non motiv bowlers is seeing this as well ! MUCH appreciated that!

    2. I wasn’t a motiv guy either, until I threw the Tank Blitz. I’ve had a few people ask me what that is when I’m throwing it. Such a great ball.

  3. Love the information! Keep it coming. If you carry 9 balls for traveling tournments, what other 3 balls would you use off the ball chart

    1. Good question! If I was to add 3 more balls to this bag it would 100% be the Ghost, VIP and Tank Blitz. I haven’t thrown the legacy as of yet to make that determination. Then of course depending on what the oil pattern is will determine what balls actually make the final list

  4. Here are my 6 I’m bringing to Nationals.
    Forge Flare,Jackal Ghost,Jackal Flash,Venom Shock,Forge Fire & Covert Tank

  5. I’d love to see a pin up vs pin down on balls. With high speed and revs awesome balls like Flash and VIP are a bit over/under for me unless very specific conditions. Already thinking of replacing the Flash with the Legacy in my 6 ball lineup

  6. What would be the closest balls to the Sigma Tour and the QZ2. Those were my favorite Motiv balls and haven’t really had once since the primal instinct was an absolute dud for me

    1. For the Sigma Tour probably a Ripcord Flight or a Forge and then for the Qz2 it would be the VIP since it has the same core and a shiny cover like the QZ2 did

  7. Thank you as always for the great Motiv videos…my wife just won a ball raffle from my local pro shop…and got me the Jackal legacy…looking forward to throwing it…what are you thoughts???

    1. That’s awesome! I’m really excited to throw my legacy! I haven’t for it quite yet but I’m thinking it’s gonna be a simile motion to the Flare just more ball overall

    2. @MotivLou my arsenal will now consist of the Jackal Legacy (solid) Forge Fire (hybrid) and the EJ VIP (Pearl) was thinking about the black tank as more of a urethane like ball what are your thoughts on that

    3. The microcell balls are not urethane at all but if you want the closest thing to urethane I would suggest the Desert Tank. Small core cover dominant like true urethane

  8. Great video. I have the F. Flare (2000), Nemesis (1500), Villain (3000), Redline (4000), V. Shock (2000), Spare ball. Trying to get the Fatal Venom b4 my tournament next weekend in Springdale, Ar. Trying replace the Redline with the Fatal Venom.

  9. Thanks for the recommendation, I bought a venom shock after watching your video, drill it 5.5inch pin up and absolutely love the reaction. What will you recommend for a ball up? My ball speed is around 16mph, rev rate 450-500 with a medium-low axis of rotation

    1. Glad I could help! So that would all depend HOW much bigger you want to go from the shock. Ghost would be a great smaller step up and if you want a bigger step up the Legacy will be the way to go!!

  10. Love all the information, it has helped me so much since I started throwing motiv exclusively! Question though, what balls would you take for the pba viper pattern?

  11. I always use to use storm till I saw you now I use motiv I have forge flare jackal ghost and picking up desert tank and jackal legacy Thursday any suggestions for a straight ball if I ever need it?

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