How To Build A Six Ball Arsenal For Any Oil Pattern

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In this video we will discus how to build a six ball arsenal for any oil pattern. These are the tips and tricks I use before heading to a tournament if I don't know what pattern will be used!

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8 Comments on “How To Build A Six Ball Arsenal For Any Oil Pattern”

  1. Great video, only caveat is we no longer have the Thrill for the Supra slot as it is currently being discontinued (Strawberry Lemonade) not sure about the other two, I don’t have a lot of exposure to them. I built the THS bag based on your video “Differences Between Urethane, Microcell Polymer and Reactive” dated 3/11/21. Right now for a THS the first ball out is the Thrill, however, getting some lane play with the Desert Tank so next week which is position round for both my leagues I’m starting with the D Tank, third game this week had a good look and I want to see if I can repeat it. Great work once again!!!! Look forward to your content.

  2. As always, GOOD JOB. I have been thinking about replacing my plastic spare ball with the Purple Tank and I believe you pushed me off the fence. Time to upgrade and join the Purple Gang.

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