How To Build A League Arsenal With Two Different Styles Of Bowlers!

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Chris and I are both showcasing how to build a solid well rounded arsenal with two very different styles of bowling which will yield two different bags!

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43 Comments on “How To Build A League Arsenal With Two Different Styles Of Bowlers!”

  1. I like to use “control” options on a house shot as long as possible. The ball I throw most in league is a Radical Conspiracy Theory (pearl asym) with a 90 X 2 1/2″ X 45 short pin drilling. If the lanes are tighter, I go to a reactive solid asym with 40 X 4 1/4″ X 75 (pin down) which is very smooth and controllable as well. I also keep a pin up pearl asym in the bag in case I need a stronger movement on the back end, which is rare in my league though.

  2. As someone who does travel league, each house is completely different from each other. So I’ll name my tournament bag. Proton, Infinite, Trend 2, Fate, Hustle USA, and my spare ball

    1. I added my response before I read the others. It’s nice to see that someone else touched on the house to house difference.

  3. When I do league, my arsenal usually consists of both the proton and infinite physix, phaze 2, and hustle USA (replaced my emerald). I’ve been using the proton a lot because of the ball motion it gives me but lately I have been starting out with the infinite since it’s more clean through the fronts and then booms on the back end. After game 1 I’ll usually switch to the phaze 2 however i haven’t trusting its ball motion so I had to ball down to the hustle USA and that ball salvaged a 600 series for me.

  4. I’ve got 13 balls at my disposal but for my week to week leagues I travel with 7. Those seven are the C300 Speed, two Hammer 3-D Offsets, Hammer Black Widow Purple Pearl Urethane, Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane, Hammer Black Solid Urethane, and a C300 Diamond White Dot.

    I’ve really got to learn how to build a proper arsenal instead of going “new ball go brrrr.”

  5. Luis: Would you ever consider going from the Reality to a pearl asymetic (perhaps pearl gem) before going directly to the Phaze 5?

  6. I own 8, but for leagues I carry 6. Wolverine dark moss, black widow ghost, spare ball, dark code, purple hammer pearl urethane, and pitch black. The first three are my mains with the last 3 coming out during special situations.

  7. One thing that I think you left out was knowing your local house conditions. Not all houses play the same, as anyone that has bowled a tournament in other houses already knows. In fact, the topography from pair to pair in the same house might affect what balls you choose to bring with you to league.

    All that being said, this was great starter video for those that might not know where to go with a league arsenal. I especially like the “know and trust your game” aspect. I’ve seen many bowlers struggle from week to week because they don’t get out to practice and know what their equipment will do on various conditions. I’ve been one of them. Trust the process and trust that your equipment will do what you need it to on certain conditions.

    For me, I bowl league with just three balls. Any more than that and I tend to ball change more than I should. Not because the equipment isn’t effective, but because I’m trying to get the ball to make up for what my approach and delivery is lacking. Since I bowl on a shot that makes Sam’s Town looked like a high volume pattern, I cater my arsenal to that friction. I start out with my IQ tour solid and see where and how much friction is there. If it’s unusable, I go to my Pitch Black that has a consistent (but not overly so) hook and doesn’t jump off of the friction. Lastly is my plastic spare ball, which in a pinch, I can play straighter and create make able spares if the lanes are truly fried.

    This won’t work for everyone as I have a high rev rate and moderate speed. But again, it works in my particular house. Thanks for the video, guys. We need more videos with Luis and Chris.

  8. Right now, the arsenal I found to be best for me this year has been Axiom Solid, Zen Pearl, and Hustle Ink. I have an RST2 and Wolverine sitting at home. Ideally, I would like to get another solid and a medium-of-the-road pearl.

    1. @Luis Napoles I would love another one. Or get another hustle that matches the specs. But I believe the Hustle Camo is the closest, and I’m not a fan of the color scheme.

  9. I usually start with Reality or Phaze II. Then I’ll move to something like the Zen or RST X-2 or maybe Altered Reality (I keep them polished). If things get really dry, I’ll use my Hustle Wine.

  10. I currently have a UFO as my strong asym, then I can go down to a Phaze 2. Next I have a pin down original Knockout and then down to the Hy-Road and finally a Hustle Camo. Have a purple also, but usually don’t find it needed for league. Would love to hear what Luis and everyone thinks in terms of options to fill in gaps or improve the arsenal for all conditions. Generally been sticking with SPI products recently. FYI, I am a lefty with a medium-low rev rate (350ish) Thanks

  11. One of the employees at The Orleans also bowls league there. He says they’ve been laying more oil down lately and are getting a new machine. I limit my league bag to 4-5 balls: big asymmetrical (Gem/Nova), solid symmetrical (Helios/Axiom/IQTS), one of my pearls (Zen/Dark Moss/Wine), urethane just in case (PB/Zen U), and Mix. I also keep the RST X1+X2 in a locker there. I also use sanding discs depending what I see during practice.

    In the the summer, I was the only lefty on my team so I was able to bowl most of my series using 1-2 balls. Now that I have 3 lefties on my team this season, I’m ball changing more often.

    During local tournaments like ABT/BTC/etc., I’ll bring 8 balls since I usually don’t know the pattern until check-in.

  12. I’ve been starting out with my Infinite lately then transitioning into the Zen Soul if I need a tad more bite. Usually finish out with the Zen. Last night I went Infinite for the first two games but it started hooking too soon so I went right into the Zen for game 3.

  13. Reality (PinDown) -> Phaze2 (PinUp) -> Zen (PinUp) -> Hy-Road Pearl (PinUp) … dont work on very long or short pattern and i have to learn when its the right time to change but usually it works well 🙂

  14. Newbie here. Aero Dynamix on fresh does great down 2nd arrow (through 2nd-3rd dot, or 3rd-4th). Brunswick Twist for spares (does great straight with speed). I am suffering when lanes start to break down (it will get stuck down right side of lane, hook early, or i have go forward alot on the approach and throw slow straight down the 3rd arrow). I recently started using my Twist fully (across 2nd arrow between 2nd-3rd dots angled str8 into the pocket or Brooklyn- striking there) instead of pushing it with my hybrid. What ball would you suggest to add? I’ve heard Hustle Wine?

  15. My Arsenal might be weird or different than most people, but it’s my Arsenal and I like it which is all that matters.
    I have the Gem as my strong go too ball, then I have the Idol Helios as my middle ball, and then the Hyped Solid as my weaker ball.
    I might also add the Absolute into the mix soon so that I have something cleaner and shinier and also as another asymmetrical ball.

  16. I am a lefty. My go to ball generally for the first game is my Infinite Physix, then usually finish with my BW Ghost. I recently purchased a ZenU. That is a VERY STRONG ball and still trying to figure out when best to use that one. Rest of my arsenal consists of a Hy-Road and Purple Hammer. Also have an Electrify which I very rarely if ever use. Presently averaging low to High 180’s. My goal this year was average 195+. First (4) weeks in my two leagues I was at 197 in each. Then hurt my wrist and out for 8 weeks. Since I’m back at 183 in one league and 177 in another. My spare game has gone into the toilet. Working on that

  17. Currently in my league bag I have a Gem, Blue Tank, Black Venom, Coral Venom , and an Absolute Inferno.. Arctic sniper for spares but it reads way early for me and I struggle hitting the 10 pin with it sometimes.. really gotta slow up and focus on that shot too make it..

    1. @Luis Napoles yea I know lol… I’ve been doing good shooting spares lately just taking my hand out the ball but I definitely need to add a plastic ball in my bag

  18. I can start with a Phaze 2 and finish with the Phaze 2 most nights. If I need to drop down, I usually go to the Idol Cosmos. My arsenal is the Jackal Ghost, Infinite Physix, Phaze 2 (bench mark), Idol Cosmos, All-Road and Pitch Black

  19. For league this year I’m thinking Motiv Forge Ember, Phaze 2, Electrify Pearl, and an og HyRoad just for fun (And of course a spare ball cause I leave ALL the 10’s 😭)

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