How Robert Smith Breaks In His Urethane Ball! 😳 UNORTHODOX METHOD!

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Hammer Pro Staffer Robert Smith throws the brand new Black Pearl Urethane 78D Hammer and shows his unorthodox method of breaking in his brand new urethane bowling balls!

FUN FACT: Robert intentionally gutters on the first shot!

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18 Comments on “How Robert Smith Breaks In His Urethane Ball! 😳 UNORTHODOX METHOD!”

  1. Rob I loved the way you throw it. I would love to see a video with an old timer who threw the original black hammer. Go get Nelson Burton Jr. He set a record on TV with the black hammer. I would love to see him throw it.

  2. I hope Maximum Bob is a mainstay on these videos from now on. He was the first bowlers name I remembered.

  3. I’m really impressed with how well Bob is able to articulate what motion he is wanting to see and why. Entertaining and educational.

  4. I like the way Bob has shown us how to break a urethane ball in and I sure hope he stays on these Brunswick videos. Thanks Bob. 9:55 Wow

  5. I’m so happy that we’ve got Maximum Bob on the internet. Between his channels and now hammer, fantastic

    1. Also, thanks for those shots at his feet, his rev rate you can absolutely see it cling and make the move early

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