How Many Times Have I Told y’all About This 900 Global Eternity?! #shorts #bowling #subscribe

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This bowling ball is amazing!!

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23 Comments on “How Many Times Have I Told y’all About This 900 Global Eternity?! #shorts #bowling #subscribe”

  1. It’s very hard to believe that balls keep getting that much better year after year. I’m willing to bet there about 10 other balls that role the exact same way.

  2. I’m looking for a new ball I want to go down to a 14 pound. Currently I have an exotic gem 15 pound. Any suggestions Luis?

  3. I’m currently using the hustle camo and hustle usa. I was all for uprading to the absolute but now I’m looking more toward the eternity, which would you recommend

  4. I hate to say it but I held off because I couldn’t justify it after I just got an absolute but I’m just not loving the absolute. maybe I’ll have to pull the trigger on the eternity and hope for the best.

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