How Many Times Can You Resurface Your Ball – #MoMonday

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It's #MoMonday!

Today, we answer a viewer question regarding how many times you can resurface a ball and still maintain the same performance. Keeping up with cleaning, surface adjustments, oil extraction, grip/tape condition and proper storage all factor into the longevity of your performance ball.

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4 Comments on “How Many Times Can You Resurface Your Ball – #MoMonday”

  1. Wasn’t the rule of thumb that you can’t resurface once you start losing the labels / serial numbers?

  2. I agree about being able to resurface a ball without limits. However, I was always taught that the rejuvenation or oil extraction could only be done 1-2 times, at most. So if that is still the case, I might be freshening up the surface of my ball, but if that surface still contains a significant amount of oil that can no longer be extracted, how much benefit will I see from a “fresh” surface?

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