How Layouts Affect After Drilling Numbers – #MoMonday

It's #MoMonday!

Today, Phil gives an overview on how and why layouts change the after drilling numbers in a bowling ball. In this discussion, we use a Results core and all layout diagrams are based off a 5" x 3/8" Positive Axis Point (PAP) coordinate.

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7 Comments on “How Layouts Affect After Drilling Numbers – #MoMonday”

  1. I am seeing more and more videos where people are trying to demonstrate that the difference in layout / drilling means nothing to most bowlers. I know it does make a difference but sometimes it is hard to see on your ball review graphs.

  2. I am looking to replace a 18yr old WD. I am looking at the Spy. I thought this might give me the Spare ball and drier lane strike ball. The issue is with a 5 inch PAP and medium axis, what might be a suggested drilling? I drilled the Results + 65x5x40. I am not comparing these balls only the drilling that worked on that Radical.

  3. I hear a lot that say pin down layouts are not good for speed dominant bowlers. If a pin down layout like the midlane layout is utilized to read the midlane sooner, this would seem to be benefit a speed dominant bowler because it would help the ball not skid as far and get into the hook and roll phase sooner.

  4. I think it might help to do a video on the pin distance in relation to axis tilt. I know Mo did a couple of videos on it, and had suggestions for pin to PAP for axis tilts, but what are the effects if those guidelines aren’t followed?

    For example, I have low tilt and once had a 6 inch pin drilled on a low diff ball. And I hated the resulting motion because the ball would never really get going.

    I see a lot of league bowlers who have sort of a spinner release/ high tilt, but they leave a lot of flat tens because the ball never really gets into a roll. And I’m assuming that’s because of the pin to pap distance they have on their balls

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