How Does Urethane Affect The Lanes | On PBA Viper Oil Pattern!

Today we are talking about Urethane and how it affects the lanes! Balls featured are the Storm Pitch Black, Rot Grip Rubicon UC3, Storm Pro Motion, 900 Global Zen Master and Storm Nova on the PBA Viper Oil pattern!

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6 Comments on “How Does Urethane Affect The Lanes | On PBA Viper Oil Pattern!”

  1. I never really notice the urethane problem unless you have a few people using urethane in the same line. Then the trench of death appears. Specifically in league where like 3 people are dump 10 with urethane and a few more people are dump 10 with a strong reactive ball. Then the front is toast and the back is iffy

  2. Great video Luis, I’ve won a few sweepers on that pattern it plays tricky. I noticed a few tour players that like that pro-motion but they prefered it with some lane shine on it maybe try that if it gets to slow for ya, do you like your UC3 factory or a bit more surface on it? keep up the great work on here, Cheers

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