How Does Surface Effect The Motiv VIP?!?

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What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today I have for you guys a ball surface review featuring the VIP!! Fellow staffer Sean Early and myself threw our VIP's with 7 different surfaces from polish all the way down to 500 grit!!

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42 Comments on “How Does Surface Effect The Motiv VIP?!?”

  1. Good morning, I have change some of my surfaces on some heavier volume balls. If a ball such as the Supra is meant for m/d conditions or even burnt lanes. Will the surface change hurt the ball from being used on those conditions? Especially dryer conditions? Its too long and clean.

    1. Richard Santine so if you take a ball like the Supra and hit it with a 500 pad it will no longer be a “light oil” ball. The surface of the bowling ball will dictate the motion it creates. So if you’re Supra is at box finish and it’s too long and clean and you still want to use it for dryer conditions I’d recommend trying it at 3000 and see how it rolls. If it’s too early then go to 4000 and if it’s still too long then try 2000

    1. Quiet Guy it’s actually effect lol effect is result of change and affect is to influence or produce change. The I’m showing the results of changing the surface so the correct usage is effect. Hope you enjoyed the video 🙂

    2. @MotivLou He’s actually correct. You say, “How does something affect something?” To use effect, you could say, “What effect does something have on something?” Affect is generally a verb and effect is generally a noun. So your title of the video should actually be “affect”.

    1. Airam Mitchell no I wasn’t. This was polish only 4000 only 3000 only all the way to 500. Exactly what I showed in the video was all I did

  2. What would be nice is to show us the steps you did of changing the surface of the bowling ball. For us novice still learning how to change surface, I believe this would be very helpful. For example, how much pressure, how long on each side and etc. I’m enjoying your videos.👍🏻

    1. T Phelps Thats a great idea ! As far as pressure I would say like if your giving someone a massage where you don’t use a TON of pressure but enough to feel it if that makes sense. How long on each side I usually say 4-5 revolutions around the ball if that makes sense ! Thanks for that tip !

    2. T Phelps check out the blog section of the CTD website. MotiveLou has linked the site in the description. In the blog section there is a description and video of how to use every product they sell. If you want to learn even more about ball maintenance I would recommend you sign up with the regional staff program. It’s free, and there is a wealth of information.
      Full disclosure I am a regional staffer with CtD.

  3. Great video. i have a question to the Master of Surface. My balls always get to the pocket but to much 9 count, because of to much hook and absolutly no roll. What do you suggest? Can i correct this with surface?

  4. I was looking forward to this video! Another great review man. I actually didn’t like the Jackal Flash out of the box factory finish. Went too long for me… slowed down a lot, didn’t work. Didn’t want to give up on it and put it in storage since it’s brand new, so I surfaced it to 3000 and immediately matched up for my style.

  5. Lou…when you say 4000 pad are you referring to the 5000??? I went to website and did not see 4000 pads…thx looking forward to seeing you do the Alpha and Supra…👍👍👍

    1. JavaQueen yea the site lists it as a P5000D pad. It’s a multi use pad. By hand it’s 4000 and on a ball spinner it’s 5000

  6. Great seeing how the ball and surface changes worked for two different bowlers. You should definitely do more videos with Sean.

  7. Hello, Lou. Any chance you could do one of these surface videos for the microcell polymer balls? I’m curious how those balls would handle the surface changes. Love all the videos, keep up the good work!

    1. Unfortunately I do not. I didn’t start doing these surface videos until the Jackal Flash. Going forward I’ll do surface videos for all new releases

    2. @MotivLou given the popularity of the Blitz, would you be willing to? I think it’s one of the most versatile Motiv balls ever

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