How Does Surface Effect Ball Motion?! Featuring Jackal Flash!!

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Whats going on Youtube?!? Today I'm showing you how simply changing the surface of your bowling ball can have a HUGE impact on the motion your ball creates! Just because you don't love how your ball rolls out the box doesn't mean you're stuck with it. Surface matters more than layout in terms of ball motion! For me I like to change the surface of the ball before I ever throw it JUST to make sure I can replicate it later. For me I love using the TruCut pads by CTD. I'll drop a link below where you can get some for yourself!! Hope this helps some of you guys and if you have ANY questions just comment below and I will do my best to answer them all!! - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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50 Comments on “How Does Surface Effect Ball Motion?! Featuring Jackal Flash!!”

  1. I had to do a surface change to my Supra. With my speed and rev rate it wouldn’t do all that much for me. Kncoked it down to 3000 with some polish and the ball works absolutely amazing. I did use the CTD True Cut Pads as well. People, don’t be afraid to try them.

  2. Good stuff! Surface matters and the right change can make a ball you have issues with far more usable. Never be afraid to sand a pearl or polish a solid!

  3. Very interesting. Only time I ever changed surface was I put polish on my redline and it went from a ball I loved to a ball I hated, so I never did it again. I’ve already said that when the VIP comes out I’m going to take it to 1500 or 2000. Do you think that’s a bad idea?

    1. Brian Wolf So for me I always re do the box surface first. So as an example the Flash comes outta box at 5000 LSP or 2000 polish so I re did that finish just to make sure I can get it back to that finish. So if I was you I would take it to the box first then if you want it to be earlier and smoother then hit it with that 1500 or 2000. In the same way that bowling balls are tools surface is also a tool to fine tune your reaction.

    1. MotivLou For sure! I think this is what everyone needs to see and try. You need to do this type of video on the benchmark balls imo because I think those are the most versatile 👍🏾

    2. Bowlingenius I can agree with that statement ! Depending on how this video performs I’ll do it on other balls as well !!

  4. Love the video, seeing ball reaction based on surface changes. You are rapidly becoming one of my favorites and I see a Motiv ball in my future. Have a Hyroad X (1500 polish OTB) that I didn’t really like or have confidence in. Knocked the shine off with a 4000 CTD pad and used it successfully most of the summer on a THS.

    1. David Chamberlain I appreciate that David!! I can’t tell you how many balls over the years I didn’t like out the box only to change the factory finish and end up loving it. I don’t usually love tossing balls with Polish so that P5000D pad is my super favorite!

  5. Love all those pads you went through, and very honest no editing, I bought all those pads from Creating Different that 1st one the 5000 I had to remarked those 5000 because it disappeared after the 1st used. But always Love the video’s and excellent reviews keep grinding MotivLou!!

    1. Ati Fuiava yea those pads you gotta mark them because the logo wears off but I love the pads and appreciate the support !!

  6. love watching the channel develop great work man I change surfaces constantly lol I always try OOB then do the equivalent my way kinda like you and go from there

    1. Bluetooth Speaker Depot I’m trying! Lol I’ll always copy the OOB finish before I drill the ball to make sure I can copy it later you know

  7. Awesome video im a #TeamCTD staffer and love when I see videos like this #TruCutpads have the name for a reason the Cut the ball to what is on the pad other than the P5000D and with the P5000D and the Tru cut polish you can get 5000 grit finish without a spinner definitely gained a Sub from me well done video

    1. Matthew Fowler I appreciate the love Matthew!! I’m not on staff with CTD but I love and use a lot of the products!! The P5000D pad is my all time favorite! I’m just trying to put out as much good bowling content as possible, yes mostly Motiv because I’m on staff with them but I want to educate all bowlers from all different levels

    2. Absolutely understand that if it wasn’t for the Truck pads I would have thrown my Forge Fire in the garbage Pin Down was probably not a good choice but after hitting it with a 1000 grit rolls exactly as I need it to

    3. Matthew Fowler YESSSSSSS !!! I love hearing that because toooooo many people give up on a ball because they didn’t match up with the out of box finish! I have two fires drilled the pin up one I keep at 4000 and the pin down one I hit it with 500 before I drilled it and have let it lane shine

  8. Suggestion
    Im a tweener rh. 16mph. More rev dominate. Im thinking pin down since the jackal flash is so clean. Im hoping to use it in a 1 ,2 punch with my alpha jackal in tournments with med to medium heavy. Also hopping to use the flash on house shots medium patterns as my first ball out of the bag. Plus my Neimes is pin up an i could step down from the the flash. I normal like to use solids more, but where im bowling at now, there is a track area around second arrow were pearl balls seem to work better!

    1. Hi Mark, so if you’re looking for it to be a step down from the Alpha Jackal and still be able to use it in league I’d suggest with a pin up layout. Pin up is what you want as a go to after the alpha to make sure it still comes around the corner. Because the core is so strong the pin up will still be good as a game 1 option in league

    1. Mike Lester For me I thought the 3000 looked the best in this video. For league I keep it polished because there isn’t a ton of volume in the middle and I don’t wanna blow it up tooooo fast with the surface.

    1. Terry Banet I 100% think you should hit it with some surface. I would recommend something like 2000 to start

  9. I love TruCut surfaces over than regular surfaces. P5000D require a spinning machine I think. I have 500, 1000, 1500, 3000 and P5000D. I also #teamCTD regional. When you use surface on ball and clean the purple stuff 👌🏼 I use so fresh so clean with white scuff. I seen my bowling friends rarely cleaned or surfaced the balls that balls didn’t roll good.

  10. I know the jackal rising is an older ball, but for those who have older balls can you do a surface comparison video???

    1. Unfortunately I don’t have a Jackal Rising =( I do apologize for that BUT going forward I will be doing a surface video for ALL new releases

    2. @MotivLou all good. I don’t know many people who have it either. Have you played with the surfaces on the polymer balls? That would be super interesting, especially on the USBC OC patterns. I plan to attend in June 2021, I may or may not have already met you when I was there last time lol

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