How Does Surface Affect The Motiv Forge Flare

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What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today we have the surface video for the @bowlmotiv Forge Flare!! This ball takes the surface SOOOOO good !! This is truly a special ball !!

In this video I will show you how simply changing the surface of your bowling ball can drastically change the reaction you're getting on the lane! Not matching up with the ball out of the box isn't the end of the road for the ball! Change the surface and get the reaction you're looking for!

Remember the surface of the bowling ball is more important than the layout for ball motion!

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46 Comments on “How Does Surface Affect The Motiv Forge Flare”

  1. i love this kind of videos.. my phaze 3 from storm doesnt take dull surfaces very well.. burns up immediatly even at 2000 grit.. it needs atleast 3000 or 4000.. but works best polished.
    My Motiv Trident Abyss which came with 2000 Grit out of the box takes surfaces much better. 2000 is perfect. at 1000 its quiet sooner and stronger. havent tried 500 yet and i probably wont..
    At 3000 its good too. but with 4000 to polish its just not grabbing the lane as its supposed to.

    Anyway great Video Lou 😉
    Greetings from Germany

    1. Always gotta play with the surfaces till you find the right one you like!! I appreciate the kind words!! Wow Germany! That’s amazing!!!

    1. That video prob won’t happen to be honest BUT the Jackal Flash will be cleaner through the front and be way more angular down lane. The flash will also handle the higher volumes of oil with ease when compared to the Shock.

    1. @MotivLou is this a typical practice with competitive bowlers on how to match the equipment to their games? They change the surface right off the bat as soon as it gets out of the box and during practice see which surface is best from their delivery?

    2. Everyone seems to be a little different when it comes to surface. For me personally I always change it right outta the box that way I KNOW I can replicate that surface again

  2. I love my flare I like the way it comes straight out the box for me and I love the way this ball comes into a early roll definitely my favorite.

  3. Nice, question I’ve been wondering always forget to ask people. Have you tried doing different grits prior to polish? What are the difference you see or should expect to see?

    1. For me i’ve noticed that the more surface I add under the polish the more it’ll hook and the earlier it’ll be

  4. Nice video….everyone keeps talking up this ball and i have the og forge and love it. I guess i should get one

  5. Love the different surfaces videos. I think it’s a great addition to a ball review and would like to see more of that.  

    What oil pattern was used in the video? What was the surface on the ball before applying polish? Thank you!

    1. I appreciate that! I’ve done these surface videos for all releases since the Jackal Flash and will do them for all releases going further. All my videos are shot on a typical house shot. If they aren’t on a THS then I will say otherwise in the title like I did in my most recent video =) It was box finish when I added the polish so 2000 Power Gel Polish

  6. Hey Lou. Grabbing this ball after you recommended to me on a different video.
    Questions for you. I’m high speed and like to play more direct. Getting the Flare cause I need something for games1&2 that I don’t blow passed the breakpoint. I’m figuring 3-4K surface should work, but what would you recommend for pin placement? Would pin down better serve me with this ball?
    Thanks again for all the Motiv videos!

    Probably should add, typical league bowler playing on house shots. Like to play up the boards, 5-10 at the arrows. I realize I may have to move left, but don’t want to go too far left.

    1. Hi Erik!! So on this Forge Flare I would recommend something pin up since you’re a high speed player. Get in contact with you pro shop and figure out what your pap is and then I would recommend a layout like 40x4x30 for higher speed players who prefer to play a little straighter! I REALLY hope this helps you!

  7. New subscriber to your page, Lou. Loving your videos! I’m thinking of putting together a league bag of Forge Flare, Fatal Venom and Desert Tank. Am I nuts, or would that cover all my bases for a house-shot lefty?

    1. Hi Brian! Thanks for the sub I hope you continue to enjoy the content and I will try and feature more lefties! For that bag you’re not nuts at all that’s a SOLID bag right there. Also def look into a Shock at some point!

  8. After your doing the suface change what cleaner are you using? Also I am a Motiv guy and I always use motiv gel,motiv scuff or polish. the gel cleans the ball so so good!! I have turned alot of my bowling friendson to these products

    1. In this video I’m using the CTD That wow factor ball cleaner. I use that or the Motiv Amplify ball cleaner!

  9. Just bought one for my heavy house shot Monday league…. Gonna try out of box, but your video gives me reassurance that I can grind it if needed

  10. I took mine to 4000. My roll is pretty forward with low axis rotation and tilt, so I need the length. I did think about polishing it, but I didn’t want to alter the surface that much.

  11. I’ve had this ball for about 2 months now and love it! Been wanting to take mine down to 1500 for a few weeks now but didn’t want to screw myself but after seeing this ball keeps great shape all the way down to 500 def going to try it.. thankyou so much!!!

  12. I’ll admit your videos have grown on me and I recently just drilled a lethal venom my first motiv ball and it’s the best reaction I’ve gotten in over a decade. I might pick this ball up to for the stronger dif it looks great.

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