How Does Surface Affect The Fatal Venom

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What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today's video is all about figuring out how different surface finishes affect the @bowlmotiv Fatal Venom. It's impossible for all of us to match up with EVERY SINGLE ball so one way to get the desired ball reaction is by changing the surface. In this video Andrew and myself will each throw the Fatal Venom with seven different surfaces (Polish, 4000, 3000, 2000, 1500, 1000 and 500) so you can decide what finish you'd like on your Fatal when it releases on 12/9. In this video we will teach you how to change the surface of your bowling ball.

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46 Comments on “How Does Surface Affect The Fatal Venom”

  1. Awesome video Luis! Very telling when you make surface changes. One of the things I do is every month I “lightly” go over my equipment with the 2K pad to freshen up the coverstock.

  2. Nice video. A few pointers if i may 🙂 The way you use the pad on the ball, does not actually cover the whole ball. It leaves small areas between. You can notice this in some of the pads because of the reflection of the lights. It’s better to do it the ctd way if you want to be sure you got all the ball and that every time you do it exactly the same. The reason those 2 shots of both of you went high flush after the 5000D pad, is because both your shots were different. Your friend opened his angle a bit and reached more dry sooner, and you were 2-3 boards to the right at the arrows. The difference between a 5000 and and a 4000+ ball is so small that all the other factors that we don’t get the same (because we are not robots) easily account for any observable difference in the shot.

    1. @MotivLou That Wow factor is awesome and it smells a lot better than those Storm fragrances IMO. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. Another great video Lou! How often (how many games) do you freshen up the surface that you like? I saw M Johnson said once a month. Do you have a preferred tell on when this needs to be done? Thank you.

    1. So for me personally I touch up the surface before every time I bowl anything for score. So as an example if I like 3000 on a ball and I’m heading to bowl something for score I’ll touch it up with a 3000 pad to keep it fresh. If it’s a polished ball I’ll just hit it with cleaner and re do that polish every 10 or so games. But that’s just how I like to do it every one is different.

    2. @MotivLou Excellent, thanks Lou. That’s a great starting point to figure out what routine will work for me.

  4. I like how you do these video b/c not a lot of people understand how the surface works. Lots of people think the more grittier the surface (500, 1000, 1500) the more hook they’ll get. That was my original thought process until I started watching these surface videos. Thank you for the awesome video Lou!

  5. Hey there, can you please explain to me what’s RG and diff and what the are the difference? Thanks, I’m new to bowling 😄

    1. In a nut shell the RG will determine how long or early a ball is. 2.47 would be considered very early and 2.55 would be long then the Diff of the ball determines how much flare the ball will produce and the more flare so .015 would be low and the .060 is the max allowed by USBC

    1. He is using that Creating the Difference “That Wow Factor” ball cleaner. It is awesome and it smells great.

  6. I still like the Supra because the weight block ( Core) is awesome. I wish motiv would use more of that core more often

  7. Purchased Motiv Fatal Venom, obviously ships 12/9/2020, i have Motiv RX1 Recon, Venom Shock & 2 other Motiv balls, looking forward to roll Fatal Venom. Great work on your videos & just subscribed !!! Thanks

  8. Nice to surfaces the green venom. 2000 and P5000D are both smooth rolling. I have to think about green venom because it is medium-oil ball

  9. this brings upa good question after you take it to from box to 500 how do you get it back to box maybe a video explaining that

  10. Got my flare and holy freaken hook in low to mediam revs and can absolutely go way right with this hook monster

  11. Luis my flare is my big hook ball but dont like to have to move way right do u think i should add polish. Or take it to a 3000 lazer sand

  12. How do you properly sand the ball? I see you are spraying something on it while you apply the pad. What is that? And is it necessary to use that liquid?

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