How Does Surface Affect The 900 Global Wolverine | Surface Adjustment To 2000 Grit TruCut

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In this video we are FINALLY brining back the surface videos! I will show you what the process looks like in changing the surface on your bowling ball! I will start with the ball with its Out Of Box finish and then make a surface adjustment!

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17 Comments on “How Does Surface Affect The 900 Global Wolverine | Surface Adjustment To 2000 Grit TruCut”

  1. Something several pro bowlers and PSOs in my areas tout is that almost every ball is better with at least a little bit of surface, and factory polish is really only good for very very specific use cases/bowler styles, or for simply shelf appeal. Not surprised how good this looked with the shine knocked off!

  2. Keep this surface vids coming, and l love the roll on the Wolverine with the 2000 finish. smoothhhhhh. awesome video, last year l bought the Fatal Venom after your video review on it, and used it but never ever felt like i was matched up to it.. tried again this season and same thing. was too jumpy and it deflected a lot. 2 weeks ago l have the pro take the polish off it then down to a 3000. then back to a 5000 no polish and boy what a difference. finally bowled 3 consistant games with it of 220, 236 and 248. yes there were some brooklyns getting used to the roll. but as long as l kept my hand under it then up and throw boy did it drive. Matches up with my Brunswick Prysm Hybrid now

  3. Used to use a commercial cleaning agent called prep-sol back in the day to give the same effect . Stuff was nasty though and you had to know someone working in an auto-related manufacturing plant to get it.

  4. Thanks for this review! I got a Dark Code that I’m just not matching well with… I will try and put surface on it… does the surface pad you use differ than what the surface number it comes at out of the box?

    1. So the Wolverine comes out of box at 1500 polish so that’ll be really different than the 2000 sanded I did to it

    2. @Luis Napoles pardon my ignorance, so when you sanded it, you took the polish off, but it didn’t make it “stronger” since the surface number (2000) is more than the 1500 with polish?

    3. @Joe Anderson lower grit will read earlier and smoother. The 1500 part doesnt matter that much because of the polish, polish = ~5500grit iirc

  5. The bowling balls have great shelf appeal with polish, but surface can really bring them alive on the lanes. I’ve also noticed a trend recently where centers seem to be using heavier and heavier amounts of oil on fresh house shot, so it might surprise people how much surface is necessary to get a solid roll going. I’m easily playing 5 to 10 boards further right with my feet this year WITH the additional surface.

  6. I don’t think I’d polish it back up. 4000 grit tops imo. Polish is yikes for anything but the Zen I think, and even then 4000/5000 is good

  7. As a side note, I can really see the improvement in your axis rotation! I know I mentioned that last month or something too. Keep up the grind!

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