How Different Are Asymmetrical Bowling Balls From One Another?!

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In this video we will be seeing how different asymmetrical bowling balls are from one another! I hear all to often people say that all asyms are the same so they only have one in the bag. Is that true? HECK NO!!
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12 Comments on “How Different Are Asymmetrical Bowling Balls From One Another?!”

  1. Hey Lou! I love these ball comparisons content youve been putting up. Made me learn a thing or two about bowling balls. I have 1 question for you. Ive been watching your vids lately and ive notice youve been off balance at the line almost every shot. I was having that same issue too. May i know how come? And how to get better at balancing and stable more at the foul line. Thanks!

  2. How do you get the house to put a fresh shot down for you? It sounds like my house only puts fresh down before a league or tournament.

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