How Different Are Asymmetrical Bowling Balls From One Another?!

In this video we will be seeing how different asymmetrical bowling balls are from one another! I hear all to often people say that all asyms are the same so they only have one in the bag. Is that true? HECK NO!!

12 Comments on “How Different Are Asymmetrical Bowling Balls From One Another?!”

  1. Hey Lou! I love these ball comparisons content youve been putting up. Made me learn a thing or two about bowling balls. I have 1 question for you. Ive been watching your vids lately and ive notice youve been off balance at the line almost every shot. I was having that same issue too. May i know how come? And how to get better at balancing and stable more at the foul line. Thanks!

  2. How do you get the house to put a fresh shot down for you? It sounds like my house only puts fresh down before a league or tournament.

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