Hooking Heads & No Backend – #RadicalRundown

Welcome back to the #RadicalRundown!

Today, we're talking about what to do when the front of the lane is hooking leaving little backend motion. Have you encountered that and how did you adjust?

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2 Comments on “Hooking Heads & No Backend – #RadicalRundown”

  1. Playing the lane front to back is something I certainly struggled with. Each week i pick the most burnt up lane to figure out how to deal with the early hook. I realized i have been floating the ball left to right to get it out to the spot, and never getting there unless I am lofting the gutter, even then it simply gets to the break board about 20 feet too early. It took throwing quite a few in the ditch (as well as 3 point targeting) to get the ball further down lane in a straight line In order to get the ball to the pocket. Now I don’t have to play nearly as far left. Keep the ball behind my head, under my head and on a straight target line, thats what gets it further down lane to combat the early hook. The other thing that helped is learning to throw straight, then slowly adding hand at the release and learning to let the ball float off the hand vs hitting up to get max revs.

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