Hook At Your Single Pins? Or Straight At Them? #shorts #bowling #subscribe #qotd #ootd

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Question of the day is a complicated one! Do you hook at your single pin spares or do you go straight at them?

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47 Comments on “Hook At Your Single Pins? Or Straight At Them? #shorts #bowling #subscribe #qotd #ootd”

  1. Straighter is greater on spares for me. Only spare I’ll hook at is 2-4-8-10. Besides that, I don’t think you need to.

    1. @Luis Napoles I’m definitely not pro level good at it, but I can knuckle ball it. Took me over a year 🤣🤣🤣

  2. left side i hook it, right spare ball. i missed a 5 pin, a 10, and a 7 that i shouldnt have today. but improvement averaging 180 from 145 last week! Night Road so damn good. feet were at 45 LOL, at least i know its not gonna bail out

  3. Always straight, except at more difficult spares like the bucket, double wood, or at 3-6-9-10, then I hook it

  4. I’m a lefty no thumb, I hook at the 2 pin and 3 pin, or a 3-9, everything else I throw a straight spare ball at

  5. I have the hardest time with spares bowling two handed. I curve mostly but those corner pins are the death of me

    1. I’m no thumb but can’t shoot straight for my life. The 10 I struggle a lot with but I generally hook for spares. For 10 I switch to 1 hand with thumb

  6. Depends what I’m bowling on. If I’m on house or know I have free hook I’ll hook into most. If they’re tough and Ik I need to be accurate and throw it on a line I’ll throw straight. Also if I leave anything remotely similar to a stoke shot I’ll just throw a strike ball and make a minor move. Ain’t no need to over complicate things. If you can’t run down a 8 or nine pin basically with a strike shot there’s a issue imo 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. I throw straight at all my spares (except for a select few), just because I feel more accurate, but I use angles on all of them. The closest I’ll get to “straight” is I stand on 20 for my 3 pins and 9 pins. For 6 and 10 pins I stand on 31, and for 2, 5, 1, 4, 8, and 7 pins I stand on about 7. Don’t ask why, it just works for me

  8. The only single pin I hook at is the 5 pin, I sometimes have issues throwing straight (have improved quite a bit though) but I can’t be missing that 5 pin. Throw it up 7 and let it work 👌🤣

  9. I got a mix before realizing its a urethane spare ball so i usually hook a little on the left and i need to storm the ball down 20mph for 10 pins

  10. 5k grit and some pure skid on top of pitch black. Hook a little but decently accurate with it. Moves as bout as much is i could make my crown jewel move.

  11. Always straight at the ten.
    Never an issue for other pins on THS.
    Now, at: 7,4, 9,6 also. Did it for practice for when going to nationals.

  12. I use plastic for anything on the right side for the most part. Anything else theres really no reason to. Least not on house shot. Heck even most sport shots, there isnt much reason too 😆 👍

  13. I only bowl oh THS, so I do both. Straight at the 3, 6, 9, and 10 (I’m right handed) and hook at the 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8. I also don’t carry a spare/plastic ball (too lazy).

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