He’s Wearing MY Logo In A 1 v 1 Match!

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Episode 12 of can you beat Luis was a good one! My opponent Dave is wearing my logo against me! Mind games?!?

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42 Comments on “He’s Wearing MY Logo In A 1 v 1 Match!”

  1. I would say rematch for sure just because of how he was playing late in the game he looked lined up he looked like he was killing the pocket it was awesome If you can do that from the beginning he would have a shot to beat you I want to see that

    1. I agree..and get closer to the foul line, so his ball goes longer. I see a few guys struggle in my leagues because they are 2 or 3 feet from the foul line.

  2. This makes me miss house shot. Miss in oil keeps your ball gliding into pocket and miss right friction sends the ball back into pocket 100 miles and hour. Love the miss room XD

  3. Have you ever considered a virtual match for people that don’t live in or can’t come to Vegas? For example do like a video call to see what each other is doing and each person record the game then with a little editing there’s a video. Plus it opens up more opportunity to your viewers.

  4. Had to wait to see first frame before prediction….. you’re tossing the Tour??? I’ma have to go with Luis of course!

  5. Mohawk talking about his revs…you throw right at the headpin bro!! Your shot style takes absolutely no skill! If you miss at all you are left with splits all day…case in point the 3 you got during the game.

    1. @Mark Monnin let’s you and I run it 😏

      Mark from Houston with the big time 190 average 👍🏾

      Tell me you don’t know bowling without telling me

      Look up Eugene McCune 🙄🙄🙄

  6. Respectfully when u have all the new balls why shouldn’t you win. I’m just saying. New balls always work better. Good video!!!

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