Here’s Why A LOT Of Pros Use Urethane As A Spare Ball

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Do you use a dedicated spare ball or do you use urethane for spares! In this video we will be going over that very topic!

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20 Comments on “Here’s Why A LOT Of Pros Use Urethane As A Spare Ball”

  1. I’ve tried a couple of times, over the years, to use a spare ball but just couldn’t make it work. Urethane worked for while but, eventually, just switched to reactive at all spares. That being said, a spare ball will be in the trunk of the car for long blocks where the lanes really get burned and I may need to fall back to the spare ball.

  2. Question are you releasing your spare ball keeping your hand flat at release or are you using your normal release ?

  3. For tournaments I’ve been using a White Mix for spares. For league I’ve been using a resin ball (usually my strike ball). I feel for league I can throw straight enough for spares. Plus I feel using resin for spares can help with my spare accuracy hitting my target. For tournaments the shot can be tricky & before I have tried resin or Urethane for spares but struggled at times with them. So spare ball for tournaments it is.

  4. I stopped using a plastic ball for spares because I have found it hooking past the 7 pin. I’m a lefty, 11mph on screen. I switched to the White Mix and put some surface on it. I have used the Mix as a strike ball on rare occasions.

  5. Team spare ball. The high friction I bowl on and my rev rate I feel better about a spare ball. I do still flatten my hand for the corner so maybe wouldn’t be totally necessary since when I’ve done that with reactive it does go straight.

  6. I like the dedicated spare ball. For corners it doesn’t matter as much when you can flatten and keep it in the oil, but if you throw it at other spare attempts (especially certain splits) the difference in coverstock matters.

  7. I bought IQ 78 on the 15th. Using it on spares ever since. I’ve missed 2 10pin out of 9 games. I love this ball.

  8. I use an AMF magic circle rubber ball that is about 55 years old for my spare ball. It was my first bowling ball when I was a kid. It will hook a bit on very dry conditions but I am very used to it.

  9. I use a pin down vapor zone that hooks very little for my spare ball. I can use it for everything if need as well.

  10. I have a dedicated spare ball, but I don’t use it. I understand having that plastic because it doesn’t hook and understand not wanting to take up a spot in the bag with it. If i were in a tourney situation I would much rather bring my Pitch Black in the bag but for league I just throw my strike ball and I pick up spares at a really good clip.

  11. Wow! nice shooting Luis! I use the Mix which is a dedicated strike ball. No, you shouldn’t use your plastic ball, because you don’t usually use urethane when you bowl.👍👊✌🖖

  12. I gave myself two months to get used to throwing a Purple Hammer at spares after using a plastic ball for years for all the reasons listed in the video. I just could not get used to it. The differences were small, but they were enough to where I would have to adjust my targeting a couple boards right, but then one out of every dozen or so would skid through to the gutter and I just realized that having to leave a ball in the car for tournaments is a small price to pay for peace of mind when shooting at corner pins

  13. Urethane. I have been using a pitch black for spares since 2012. I like it, more control, and versatility over a dedicated spare “plastic” ball. Looking at your throw, I would say the same, urethane gives you more versatility within your arsenal.

  14. I use a Black Widow Viz A Ball, plastic with an asymmetrical core. Helps playing straight when needed, but has the core needed to play when dry lanes or high friction exists.

  15. I use a black hammer solid urethane for my spares.

    I do feel like the 78U won in this video. It picked off more sole 10 pins than the plastic did and the gutter was user error.

  16. after 40 years of bowling I’ll say this. . most important skill to learn is how to throw a ball , any ball, dead straight. I can throw anything dead straight. Learning to take your hand/hook/axis rotation out of a ball roll is a skill that will help make you WAY more versatile as a bowler. I have never used a dedicated spare ball, though I will admit, urethane balls tend to bounce 10 pins out of the pit better, and in so doing I’ve made several 7-10 splits using a urethane ball for that.

  17. Hard to say. I think it’s all preference, where you play, and how you play to be honest. I like just using my regular reactive balls for my spares because it helps me feel like I’m staying more versatile and in control of my hand positions.

  18. I personally use a Pitch Black for my right side spares, The benefit for me is if I kinda over throw for a 10 pin , the Urethane has enough teeth to keep the ball on the lane. With the 3,6,10 having the benefit to slightly hook it is more reassuring for me to know I’ll cover the spare.

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