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    1. @Kevin Covins that was an extremely drastic over simplification, honestly just bowl 2 handed, it lets you get the hand under the ball easier, the general rule of thumb is the further u get ur hand under the ball, the harder you can rip it and get more spin.

  1. If that is the tnt infused that ball looks amazing loved the original and cant wait for this ones release

  2. Luis, I have complete confidence in you as a bowler. Totally and without question. And I would trust you with my balls (haha). But when it comes to music, I’m running the other way, lol. I notice that bowling videos never play any good rock/metal music. Okay, I’m going to see if you play some Sabbath or Maiden. I will fall off my chair if you do.

    1. I think I actually have seen some rock with bowling videos. I’m pretty sure Frank The Tank has done quite a few of those but maybe I’m misremembering. I think Luis picks these songs because they do good in the algorithm, but I’m not sure.

    2. You get most of your views when you use “trending music” cause the algorithm pushes it more

  3. The TNT infused. My dad had me do a semi shine on his normal TNT and I did it with 1500/3000 trucut and 3 weeks later he shot 300 with it while the week after I semi shined it I went front 8 with a Geico viz-a- ball at 500 grit trucut. I love throwing the Geico but me and my dad retired the TNT and the Geico plastic ball after this last June at the jackpot classic tournament at the Orleans.

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