Hazmat by Hammer | Full uncut review with surface changes

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22 Comments on “Hazmat by Hammer | Full uncut review with surface changes”

  1. I’d say the core is very strong. Hazmat core with a 2.47 rg and 0.055 differential. The cover is semtex hybrid with HK22. Sounds like strong core with a low to medium strength cover.

    1. And normally you would be correct! But that hk22 additive really strengthens up even the weakest of covers (radioactive vibe)

  2. JR. Thanks for the Hazmat video. I tend to crack the cover on the shiny pieces myself. I think this ball is meant for transition. I tend to hit my shiny pieces with a 3000 CTD.

  3. I’ve got the hazmat and absolutely shoot lights out with it. Love it! It has layout of 60xx4x40 because of my pap. My local pro shop said that layout would be better for that reason. However i wanted to put the 60x5x40 but he said not really a good idea which i still dont understand why as they are very very close and similar.

  4. I’ve used the ctd pads and polish instead of the 1500/CFC finish with great success. Way more consistent reaction, and lasts longer. It would make this ball way better, i think.

  5. good stuff JR! I just recently got the Hammer Envy Tour Pearl and it was over under a lot so I hit it with a CTD 2000 pad and let her lane shine up and it got rid of the over under and I can use it all three games. Fantastic ball now. Thanks hookin’ a brother up with the video on changing the surface on the Envy Tour Pearl. 👍👍👍

  6. Question for you JR…….If you sand a Pearl ball to say 2000 will it just be the same as the solid version? For instance the Envy Tour and the Envy Tour Pearl will they just be the same ball different cover? Thanks #justcurious

  7. Most of the reviews I’ve watched on this ball were favorable in translation and playing in straight or moving a bit left and letting it wheel the lane..seem like you just don’t match up with this ball , sometimes we try and make balls do what we want rather than reading the lane and letting the ball do the work.. better luck on the next review.

  8. Hey, JR! Isnt putting the core at a 45 degree angle putting the core at its strongest point? I am wondering if some of that hook/stop is because you re taking a core that is already pretty strong and then making it even stronger so it is no longer useful by the time it gets to the backend. I dealt with this with a Fate I drilled up. No matter what surface I put it at (as rough as 1500); it wanted to hook and then roll forward almost like an asym ball. Yet, I have a Violent Eruption that the RG is similar to the Hazmat but the diff is around .040 and that ball continues way better than my Fate does. If you think back to your Scorpion review; that ball ran over the 8 pin numerous times from various angles and I believe the diff is quite a bit lower than this Hazmat.

  9. I actually hit mine with 2000 before I even had the ball drilled, and it was perfect…For ME!!! I actually never throw a ball with box finish, something I actually learned from watching CTD videos.

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