11 Comments on “Hammer Summer Releases 2021!”

  1. The scorpion looks interesting. The Semtex Hybrid coverstock is the same cover that was on the Scandal/S, while the LED core is in the Purple Pearl Hammer. The Web Pearl looks to be a replacement for the original Web Pearl that came from Hopkinsville. Overall, they make a great 1-2 combo in the mid-range lineup, and those colors are amazing.

    However, If I had to pick one up, it would be the Scorpion with my benchmark layout, at 60×4.5×35. This is the same layout I have on my Web Tour Hybrid, which is the first ball out of my bag. This layout would tell me if the lanes are burning up, if I needed something to get through the mids, continuation, etc. However as already stated, the Scorpion would be a replacement for it, so obviously there would be overlap. The problem I have is that with being in California, I’ve had this ball sitting new in box since October, so with everything opening back up in March, I finally had a chance to get it drilled, so I have no more than 2 games on it. So for right now, I’d be a pass on both of these (I also punched up an overseas Widow Pearl that I got at the same time as the Web Tour Hybrid, so my decision isn’t because of how these new releases would perform or fit my game).

    1. It’s not the same core as the Purple Hammer. Urethane balls usually have higher RG cores. The Scorpion has a similar shape to the Purple, but quite lower RG.

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